Monday, January 23, 2017

From the Weekend

This past weekend my family came up so we could go to my Grandpa Jack's funeral. It was a long drive through a blizzard basically, but we made it, It was nice to see family that we don't see very often and to remember Grandpa Jack. I was bad about taking pictures so the above one is one my sister sent me!  

On Saturday we went to the aquarium together. It's crazy how much Esther has grown since the last time we went. Esther and Adele ( as well as all the adults) really liked it. Esther's favorite things included climbing on all the animal statues, and the lights that make it look like you're under water in the jellyfish room.

Afterwards we went out to eat at Los Cucos, our favorite Mexican restaurant, then our family left that night. 

On Sunday we went to church bright and early at 9am. I have always liked 9am church best and now that we have kids I like it even more. It was my week off nursery so I got to spend the block walking the halls with this little wanna be toddler. Leland made it up to me though by letting me take a 3 hour nap when we got home. Thanks babe! 

Now we are back to the weekly grind and getting cabin fever again because there is so much snow! We went to story time at the library today, and then to DI after naps just to get out of the house ha. I have always loved winter but I am feeling kind of over the snow already ha. In other news Adele turns 1 (!) on Saturday so prepare for blog overload as we mourn  celebrate that milestone! 

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