Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fatcats and Frozen Bike

Last Friday I took Esther to Fatcats (an arcade) for a little 1 on 1 time. She was a little hesitant when she didn't know what to expect but once we started playing games she liked it. Though she did keep asking where the cats were. 😂

She really shines when I give her my undivided attention. She had been acting very jealously towards Adele before this and ever since she has been playing much better with her. 

After playing games we did bowling. She got a little bored of it after a while, but she loved wearing the special shoes and rolling her ball down the ramp. 

Afterwards we bought her a prize with the tickets, she choose a candy necklace and a ring. She even agreed to give one of her candy bracelets to Adele when we got home. She is a little sweetheart. We will have to try and work more 1 on 1 time into our schedule.  She has already been begging to go back to "Fattats" again. 

Esther loves to ride her little bike, but it was getting way too small for her, so we came up with a way for her to earn a frozen bike. She had a sticker chart and everytime she did something good, did what we asked, or took her medicine without fighting us she got a sticker. Finally after 3 or 4 weeks the chart was filled out and we went to buy the bike. It was hard to find but finally we found it. We had to assemble it ourselves but Esther was so excited to have it. I'm not sure she really understood the concept of earning it, but that's ok ha. Dumbo has to be riding in the little seat at all times ha. She had a hard time with the pedals at first but is catching on quickly. Yesterday she rode to the church and back with me pushint Adele in the stroller and did really well. I have hopes of us getting a lot of exercise together once the weather cools down. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hikes and Extra Pictures

Last Saturday we went to Little Cottonwood Canyon to do three more hikes for Leland's work challenge. Little did we know it was the absolute worst weekend to go! They were having a wildflower festival so there were a million people and we barely found parking. Once we got parked we thought we were at the trail head so we started hiking, but after half a mile we noticed lots of shuttles passing us, and we discovered you had to take a shuttle to the trail. So we hiked back down, got in line and waited half an hour for a shuttle. Then we finally got to the trail head and started the hike. As I said it was packed with people and Adele was so fussy it was honestly the worst hike ever. I know people love this hike (Cecret Lake), so we will have to go back and try again on a better day. 

Can't you just see the joy in these pictures?

Leland had it in his mind that  he was going to do two more hikes that were close by. So I waited in the car with the girls sleeping while he did those ha. Good thing he is about 3x faster without me and the girls. 

Here are some other pictures I took this past week or so:

The girls love playing at the treehouse museum so we've been going there a lot while it is too hot to go to the park.

Esther reading books to Adele. 

Yesterday we set out to attempt to do two more hikes. It wasn't quite as disastrous this time. The first one we did was Stewart Falls, and we choose another bad weekend because there was a bike race in the canyon and we found out it would be closing two hours after we got there. So we were on a very tight time limit. Adele was fussy again but luckily she fell asleep in the carrier on Leland. Which means I was stuck carrying Esther on my back the whole way. She could have walked but she was pretty slow so she rode most of it. I did make her get off and walk a few times because I was dying ha. She is 40lbs and not a light load to hike with. 

You can see our other times hiking Stewart Falls here and here

We figured while we were down in Provo we had better do the other hike down there. So Leland and his brother Kent went and did Buffalo Peak. The girls and I opted to wait at the bottom of the trail near a little campground. It was nice and breezy and not as hot as these pictures make it seem. Plus the views were great. 

Now Leland has completed 15/20 hikes. We'll see if he can get the last five done before Labor Day. 

And here are a few pictures of our walk home from church today. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

On Breastfeeding Past One Year

This week is World Breastfeeding Week, so I thought I would do a post about my experience breastfeeding a toddler.

A few generations ago, breastfeeding infants was seen as unnecessary, as formula companies pushed their products on mothers. American society has come a long way in it's education and acceptance of breastfeeding infants over the years, but there is myth that you should stop at 12 months because "they don't need it anymore". Breastfeeding toddlers is still seen as taboo and unnecessary in our culture, which is annoying because there are so many benefits, and it is completely biologically normal to continue breastfeeding past one year.

When I was breastfeeding Esther, I kept going after 12 months, just because we both still enjoyed it, and I didn't want to worry about buying toddler formula or cow's milk for her. I breastfeed her until she was 16 months old. At that point I was pregnant with Adele, and having a lot of morning sickness, so I weaned her. It was very simple to wean her as she was already used to bottles. I was a little sad at the end of the era, and there were times in the next few months when she got sick and I wished I was still nursing her. Overall I was happy with our breastfeeding experience and I'm glad I even made it past one year with the rocky start we had.

Adele is now 18 months and still breastfeeding a few times a day and sometimes at night. She has a very different personality than Esther, she loves milk milk, never gets distracted, and wants to nurse all the time. With her it has been a lesson for me in setting limits. In order to not get burnt out with nursing her I usually only allow her to nurse 3-4 times a day and try to distract her other times she asks. She learned early on that biting, scratching and pinching would not get her milk, and stopped those things quickly. We have also worked with her to be able to go to sleep with Leland rocking her, so that I can be out of the house at bedtime and nap time if I need to. Because of these limits nursing is usually enjoyable for both of us. I am now more aware of the health benefits of breastfeeding a toddler, which has made me want to nurse her for longer. I plan to try to get closer to the World Health Organization recommendation of two years.

Since Adele loves nursing so much she will often ask to nurse when we are out in public. This is also new for me because Esther would always be too distracted to want to nurse in public, so it never came up. Now I have had the experience of trying to get a giant toddler baby under a blanket to nurse while getting weird looks from everyone around me ha. I sometimes wish I lived in another country where nursing babies in public and nursing toddlers is more acceptable. But, alas, all we can do it try to change the culture we live in to be more informed and accepting of nursing past infancy. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Adele is 18 Months

 Thanks for all the sweet comments and messages after my last post. I really appreciated them and I'm grateful for all the support I've gotten during this trial. 

 Adele Genevieve is 18 months as of Friday. After sneaking into nursery for the past 2 months she is officially old enough now. She had her well check this morning and her stats were
height: 33 inches-90th percentile
weight: 25lbs 10oz-80th percentile
head: 18 inches- 50th percentile
I was surprised at how close she was to Esther's size at this age (here's the post). I am always a little concerned about her weight lately as she has only gained 4 pound in the past year! But she is still slowly gaining, and she is a good eater, just a very active toddler, so I'm guessing she will have slow weight gain from here on out.

Adele still loooooves breastfeeding. I am working on deciding when to wean her. My goal was 18 months and now that I've reached that I'm feeling a little bit done with it, but I know it is so healthy for her so I just don't know when we'll be done. Probably sometime in the next few months, but we'll see how lazy I'm feeling ha. She still eats table foods well but doesn't have the same enthusiasm for eating as she used to. She likes to stick to a plant based diet, as she loves fruits and vegetables, but doesn't like protein or grains as much. We also discovered she is sensitive to dairy (Esther was too but grew out of it), so that's another reason it's easier to just keep her on breast milk. 

Adele loves her baby Mimi. She takes her everywhere and sleeps with her every night. She also likes this big baby doll, but she's too heavy for her to carry around full time. It is nice that she is into the same toys as Esther now, legos, little people, barbies and books. She does really well listening to books and has her favorites that she demands we read to her on repeat ha. She also has a shoe obsession and loves any toy that has shoes. She is very particular about her own shoes too and lets me know which ones she doesn't approve of. 

So I have to brag a little about her talking, not that I have much to do with it, but she is very advanced at talking. Her Dr. said they expect most toddlers to have 10-15 words at 18 months, and Adele easily has 50+. I think it is partially because she has Esther talking to her all day, as well as myself, and she learns from the things I say to Esther. She is a pretty shy little girl though, so don't expect to hear any of them unless she is comfortable with out haha. 

She does well with sleeping, although she is still nursed or rocked to sleep she usually sleeps the entire night without waking up, unless she is teething. Which she usually is :) 

She loves Moana and Frozen. Her favorite show is this weird nursery rhyme thing on Netflix. Those are pretty much the only three things she will sit and watch, everything else she will wander off after 10 minutes, which is a little frustrating because Esther used to watch so much tv at this age and I could get so much done ha. Not so much with Adele, she isn't easily entertained and usually wants to be up in whatever I'm doing. Our house is a lot messier than it used to be because cleaning with her around is impossible, but I'm pretty good at letting that go ha. Just ask anyone who's come over in the past few months. 

Adele and Esther have a special relationship, although they fight all the time and I feel like I'm doing conflict resolution as a full time job, they do love each other. They will play together for longer stretches now and they love to be together. We will probably be moving them in the same bedroom in the next few months and I am a mostly nervous but a little excited because they love each other so much and always ask to sleep in the same bed. 


Images by Freepik