Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Five Homes

1. Our first home we lived in after getting married was in Austin, Texas. We lived there for one semester while Leland finished school. Here I was a nanny to twin boys and Leland worked as a math tutor along with school. In this apartment we also had a foreign roommate because we were living in (single) student housing ha. It was quite the experience, 

This super blurry picture shows the bedroom where we spend 99% of our time when we were home. Our bed was a full size mattress on the ground complete with the quilt I made for Leland when we were dating ha, Good times. 

2. Our second home was in Provo. We lived in half of the basement of a cute little house on University Avenue. This was the house where I spent all of my pregnancy with Esther and where we brought her home to. I remember rocking with her on the porch bench with her everyday so we could get some sunshine. We had a weird bedroom that was removed from the rest of the apartment. It was so tiny we could barely fit our bed and every time I had to use the bathroom at night I had to cross a scary dark hallway that was shared with the rest of the tenants. We had a great ward that we really loved and this house was in a great location. 

3. Our next home was also an apartment in Provo. This is where we lived for a year when Esther was 3-14 months old. There was a little shared playground outside where we would take Esther to play in the grasss. It was right by the Provo parkway so we would go walk there everyday. This was my favorite apartment and ward. We made a lot of good friends there and I still miss it a lot!

You cam see the full tour of this apartment HERE

4. Our fourth home is our apartment here in Salt Lake. We have lived here the longest we have lived anywhere since we have been married (almost two years). This is the house where I spent all of my pregnancy with Adele, where we got our first pet (RIP Loki), where Esther became a big sister and turned into a toddler. We have spent countless days feeding the ducks and Adele learned to crawl and walk here.  We have so many great memories here and we will be sad to leave it. 

5. We are so excited to announce that we have bought our first house! We are scheduled to close tomorrow so we are crossing our fingers that nothing goes wrong before then! We are soooooo looking forward to not be so squished in a 700 sq/ft  apartment, to have a backyard, and to be able to put down roots and live somewhere longer than a couple of years. We have been dreaming of buying a house for a long time and we are so grateful that it is finally happening for us! I am not so looking forward to the packing and moving with two little ones, and the longer commute, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons with this house. We can't wait to be official adults aka homeowners. :)

A Birthday Party for E + A

On Saturday we had a combined birthday party for Esther and Adele. We decided one party would be so much easier since their birthdays are about 5 weeks apart. They were both so happy to have a party they didn't mind sharing. It was one of those things I was all stressed about but it turned out just great!

Esther was so excited for the party! She has been asking when it would be her birthday ever since Christmas. She fell in love with the elephant pinata a good 6 months ago when we saw it at Walmart. Every time we would see it and I would tell her she could have it on her birthday, Finally a month before the party we bought it. We had to prepare her and tell her that the elephant would get broken and candy would fall out. She took it well when it happened ha.

The girls with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Esther was so excited for the party she woke up at 5:30 am and wouldn't go back to sleep haha. She had so much fun all day, she never napped and ended up falling asleep at 5pm when we were eating dinner ha. I really think it was her best day ever because she was just so happy and cheerful all day. She never threw any tantrums. I was proud she acted so well at her party and was nice (for the most part) to all her friends. 

Adele didn't take her morning nap so she was a little clingy to me for most of the party. She looooved having her first sucker and after she had a sugar rush from her cake and sucker she was wild and crazy. 

My attempt at an elephant cake. 

Adele loved her cupcake! 

Her shirt got dirty so then she was a wild naked baby, chasing all the kids and screaming. 😭

The party was so much fun! I never liked being the center of attention at a party when growing up but for some reason I love throwing parties for my babies ha, Click HERE to see Esther's first bday party. 

The girls loved seeing all our family and friends. Thanks everyone who came!

Friday, February 17, 2017


Tomorrow we are having the girls big birthday party and I am excited/stressed for that so I'll just procrastinate frosting cupcakes and write this instead.

First off a collection of hilarious memes:

And now for some photo spam:

Esther and her obsession with trees:

Yesterday we went to the zoo with friends. It was so fun and the lions and the gorillas were both so active. At one point Esther was climbing on the back of our stroller to lean over and look at the gorillas and we just about had another Harambe situation on our hands. Other than that fun though!

Adele with her first friend. (The little girl not the otter ;) )

Esther begs to go on the carosel every time and is terrified every time. 

Adele getting so big and being braver at the park. 

Adele likes to come into nursury with me and Esther at church. She isn't offically in the class until 18 months but she likes to play anyways. 

Esther was pretending that her and Adele were sick and had to "rest" and "watch shows" all day. I just rolled with it ha. 

Images by Freepik