Friday, February 17, 2017


Tomorrow we are having the girls big birthday party and I am excited/stressed for that so I'll just procrastinate frosting cupcakes and write this instead.

First off a collection of hilarious memes:

And now for some photo spam:

Esther and her obsession with trees:

Yesterday we went to the zoo with friends. It was so fun and the lions and the gorillas were both so active. At one point Esther was climbing on the back of our stroller to lean over and look at the gorillas and we just about had another Harambe situation on our hands. Other than that fun though!

Adele with her first friend. (The little girl not the otter ;) )

Esther begs to go on the carosel every time and is terrified every time. 

Adele getting so big and being braver at the park. 

Adele likes to come into nursury with me and Esther at church. She isn't offically in the class until 18 months but she likes to play anyways. 

Esther was pretending that her and Adele were sick and had to "rest" and "watch shows" all day. I just rolled with it ha. 

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