Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pics by Esther

A couple weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon Esther got a hold of my camera and asked to take pictures. I was a little nervous about her breaking it but I let her give it a try. The results were so cute! Maybe it's just cause I'm her mom but I thought it was adorable to see things from her perspective. Some of subjects included, all the magnets and papers of the fridge, suuuuuuper unflattering pictures of her parents, lots of very blurry Adele, and all her toys with her feet included. #shes'sreadyforinstagram

There were many many more pictures of us that will never grace the internet, but you get the idea. ;)

A few days after we happened to find a kids digital camera at the DI for only $1.50! #Ilovethrifting It works great and even has a couple of games on it. I since have seen the same camera at walmart for $40. So I'll probably just let her take all the pictures for the blog from now on :)

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  1. She's got an artsy flair to her pictures! :) Keep it up :)


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