Thursday, February 2, 2017

Things I Want to Remember

OK the past few weeks have been super hard. It has been too snowy, cold or inversion-y to go outside so we are stuck inside all the time and I don't dare to take the girls anywhere fun because I know they will get sick. We have really only left the house for Dr appointments and grocery errands for a while now. And the library if I'm feeling reckless. I used to really love winter but honestly with kids it is kind of the worst. The snow was fun in December but now I'm over it. We NEED to go outside for all of our sanity and I'm not afraid to brave freezing temperatures with them bundled up so we can get some sunshine, but with the horrible air there is no sunshine anyways and we will all probably get brain damage if we went outside. So inside time it has been, and fighting and sickness and fussiness and Esther's newly found 3 year old stubbornness. She hasn't napped in like a month and now she won't even go to bed at a reasonable hour either.  Really I am just counting down the days until spring. Not even spring, all I really need is 40 degrees and clear air and I'll be happy. 

Alright, now for the real reason I wrote this post. I decided to quit snapchat a few days ago. I miss seeing what my family and friends are up to (hit me up with texts y'all!), but it has good because it has made me take "real" pictures of our lives that I can actually keep forever ( without it blowing up my phone) and are high enough quality to print later. Plus I feel like I am able to be in the moment more without trying to capture all the cute stuff they do on snapchat .Instead I just enjoy it and take a pictures on my phone if I really want to remember it. Who knows I might end up going back to snapchat but I am enjoying my break and I think my kids are enjoying a phone in their face less. It is such a balance trying to navigate the world of technology and social media that we have today and I'm still trying to figure it all out. 

In the first picture Esther was joining Adele in her crib like she does after every nap. She said they were "two kitties in a cage" and was bouncing Adele and meowing. The next picture is Adele asleep obviously because you can never have enough of those. Below is Adele with her new stuffed animals that Grandma sent for her birthday. She loves toting them around and sleeps with her kitties in her crib with her. The rocking chair was an awesome find at Goodwill. We will put it in Esther's room. It is handmade and really high quality so it was a steal. 

Waiting to get prescriptions at the pharmacy. This little hat on Adele had me cracking up!

Little Esther, so crazy and so cute at the same time!

Adele at her 12 month checkup. I can't believe her stats. She was only in the 30th% for height and the 95th for weight. She weighs 24lbs and was 28.5 inches. Crazy. I knew she was shorter than Esther was at this age because she doesn't fit into any of the same clothes. I like that she is short though so she can wear the clothes longer and it is fun to have two girls so different from each other. Both in looks and personality!

Esther wanted to carry fuzzy in the moby wrap. :)

Adele is starting to become more interested in watching shows and the girls love to cuddle together while watching. It's so cute!

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