Friday, February 27, 2015

The Time We Hiked The Y

Last week on Leland's day off we decided to take advantage of the good weather and hike the Y. We had done it before when I was pregnant, but I didn't remember it being that bad. Hiking the Y is kind of like giving birth, you forget how hard it is until you're doing it again! This hike may be easy for some people but it was pretty hard for me! We were took a lot of rests but we eventually made it to the top.

We borrowed this backpack from a friend and Esther loved it at first, but she got bored in there partway through. Here she is happy before we started. 

It was a good thing Leland carried her the whole way cause there was no way I would have made it if I was carrying her. 

The view at the top was amazing!

I was glad Leland dragged helped me get to the top cause it felt great. And I was only sore for like 3 days after. Maybe next time I'll remember what I'm getting myself into if we hike it again.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentines Day

 For Valentines Day this year we celebrated on the 13th because Leland had that day off. We also figured that restaurants would be less crowded (little did we know). In the morning  I put Esther in her Valentines Day outfit, which she has been wearing since October lol. She has such a funny personality, she was not a fan of the bow.

During the day we hung around the house to let Esther take her naps. Leland and I had fun making chocolate strawberries while she slept. They all got eaten before I could get a picture though. 

We had been planning for weeks to go eat at cheesecake factory that day. We drove 40 minutes to the closest one and got there right at 5:00. They already had an hour wait! Since I had to be back to go to work by 8 we decided to change plans and go to Olive Garden instead. The food there was great and the waiter was so nice.  He brought out a little fruit plate for Esther and didn't make us pay for it! She loved trying grapes for the first time. 

                                                                My two cute Valentines.

After dinner we headed to Ikea since we were nearby already. We got Esther a real dresser and it has been so nice! Who knew a real dresser could make such a difference? I made it back in time for work and ended the night with my two favorite people. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February Pictures

Some pictures from the past few weeks: 

Esther loves going to the park. She is getting to an age where she can actually play on the toys, though of course she is mostly interested in eating wood chips.

vvv: her little scrunched smile is adorable!

What? Me? I'm not eating wood chips. 

vvv: This is one of my favorites of her and Leland. She loves watching the bath fill up. She looks like such a little tiny person in this picture. 

She's all about climbing up the slide. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Eleven Months Old!

I know I say this every month, but I can't believe Esther is 11 months now! I am really trying to treasure this time ( as you can see by my millions of pictures) because she is at such a fun age and really turning into a little girl instead of a baby.  As you can see in the picture above she is very much on the move now! It was a struggle to get her to sit still for these pictures, and she would have nothing to do with laying down. So these pictures have a few "props" in them to keep her sitting still. 

Esther is such a sweet little girl. This picture might be one of my favorites of her.  She has hit so many milestones in just the past few days. Today she said her first "real" word: Dada! Today was Leland's day off and when Esther woke up from her morning nap she kept saying it while he was playing with her. It was adorable. I was a little sad she didn't say mama first, but I'm sure she will soon. To console myself I was telling Leland that at least she always crawls to me over him or anyone else, so she must love me too haha. 

Another thing she did for the first time today was wave goodbye to me as I was leaving for class. I have been working on it for a few weeks now and she finally did it back today, it was the cutest thing ever! She also has learned the sign for milk, which I have been doing for the longest time. I'm not sure she even knows what it means yet, she just does it whenever she feels like it haha. 

She now has 3 (almost 4) teeth and has started doing this little squinty smile that shows off her new teeth. Haha, I love it! Along with her new top tooth came some new challenges, one is a whole lot of teeth grinding that has yet to go away, but according to my #1 parenting resource, the internet, it's totally normal and not harmful. The other thing was biting while nursing. Luckily it was never too hard, but she did do it for like two days straight  at every feeding. It was a struggle but eventually she understood that she couldn't do that, and hasn't done it since. She still loves nursing and doesn't seem to want to stop anytime soon, which I am ok with for the time being. 

Her sleep has improved so much this past month. She went from waking up every hour or two, to sleeping in 7-8 hour stretches without waking up. Luckily she has always been good about sleeping a solid 12 hours no matter how many times she wakes up. She has also gone back to being able to fall asleep in her crib on her own with little or no crying. which I am so grateful for. After getting out of her normal schedule it got to the point when I would have to lay with her to get her to sleep. We debated letting her cry it out again, but I'm so glad I didn't because once she was caught up on sleep and not teething she went back to falling asleep on her own easily. Now she seems to be on her way to night weaning which I am really looking forward to. :)

At 11 months Esther likes:
-playing outside
-climbing things
-being chased
-standing unassisted (!!!)
-exploring new places
-her pink fuzzy
-animals especially cats

At 11 months she doesn't like:
-wearing bibs
-sitting still
-sitting on laps
-getting out of the bath
-getting her hair done
-being told "no" (she is very sensitive)
-sitting in the cart 

She still nurses 4-6 times a day and 1-2 times at night. She loves eating table food, especially if it's something she can pick up herself. She loves trying new foods, especially if it's something off our plates. The foods she loves include: peas, cheese, steamed veggies, pasta, strawberries, blueberries any pureed fruits or fruit pouches, cheerios, salsa, chips, and basically any junk food or candy. We try to have her eat healthy foods the majority of the time though. Foods she doesn't like include avocados, bread, and squash. I will keep trying on these though. 

Congrats to anyone who made it through this loooooong post, but I mostly write it for myself so I can remember little E at this age. She is our little sweetheart and I love being her mom so much!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Water Baby

I haven't blogged much lately, sorry! Esther has been sick twice in the past three weeks, and has had four teeth break through in the past month. Also add in the fact that our camera has been breaking/taking blurry pictures, so I have had a hard time finding anything to blog about. But Esther has been changing so much these past few weeks! I just feel like she has been growing into a little toddler so quickly, so I want to be better at writing all these things down before I forget them.

Esther has always loved baths, but lately that has been taken to a whole new level! Anytime she hears the water running she runs/crawls to the bathroom to try to get in on the fun. I used to be able to put a few toys on the floor of the bathroom and she would happily play while I showered. (She does not tolerate being somewhere she is restricted i.e. the crib or the jumper). But the last few times I have tried this she will find her way under the shower curtain, and then dives head first into the shower. After a few frustrating showers I resolved to only shower while she's asleep. She has also discovered how to open the lid to the toilet and splash in the water there. I swear she can find water anywhere! Luckily we are getting better at remembering to close the bathroom door. 

In her own bath time she is completely fearless. She will spend the whole time trying to practice her standing by pulling up on the faucet, and also standing on one foot and splashing with the other. She has been known to put her whole face under the water. She usually holds her breath but the few times she has swallowed/inhaled water have scared me, so now I have to keep a hold on her at all times. 

We took her swimming to see if she would love it as much as the bath, but she was a little suspicious of all the older kids running around splashing and the cold water. Hopefully as it gets warmer she'll enjoy it more. 

Even though it is a little scary at times for me, I love that she loves water so much. No matter how unhappy she is throughout the day, she is always all smiles in the bath. 

Images by Freepik