Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas 2016

Things have been CRAZY lately. Christmas, road trips, our anniversary, a new year, I am trying to catch up on all these posts. Esther is currently in the hospital getting IV antibiotics 😢😢😢, so in order to take my mind off of that situation I thought I would blog a little bit. 

On Christmas morning we woke up to tons of snow! The most we've gotten this year by far. I love snow and I love having a white Christmas. The first thing Esther did when she woke up was look out her window and say "It's snow! It's Christmas!". I think a white Christmas is such a special blessing. :)

The girls woke up and got right into opening presents. We had a simple little Christmas, just the way we like it. They both have birthdays coming up so they just got a few things. They both loved the ball pit and the slide. 

After I made Christmas breakfast ( I never make a real breakfast), we headed to church. It was a little crazy because they combined wards but it was nice to go to church on Christmas and focus on the Savior. 

After church we took the girls out in their sleds in the snow. They loved it! These pictures say it all, they both loved being pulled around and Esther especially loved eating the snow. 

After the snow we came back and had naps and I made Christmas dinner. It was great! I am not a food photographer, so this probably looks gross but it was delicious. We didn't have a table cloth so I had to improvise with wrapping paper. Esther is wearing a leotard and I am wearing pajamas, but those things didn't matter to me. It was a great Christmas. Adele's first Christmas and our first as a family of 4. :)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve Eve

These past two days we have been gearing up for Christmas, and I've been taking a bunch of photos, so naturally had I had share them all here, Yesterday was Christmas Eve Eve and Leland only had to work a half day. We went to up to Christmas Village in Ogden with Kylee and Chance then went skating with Cousin Jessica and Kris. 

Esther loved skating so much. It was a little exhausting holding her hand the whole time but I couldn't not enjoy it because she was having so much fun. 

Adele had fun waiting with Aunt Kris and looking at us through the glass.

Christmas Village was really pretty even though we were only there a short while. I liked seeing all the snow. After we ate yummy food at Costa Vida. 

These are a few pictures I took of the girls before we left. They are starting to really enjoy playing together now. Also Adele is walking now! She took her first steps earlier this week and by today she was taking 6 or so in a row! Such a big girl and not even 11 months old yet. She is so happy and proud when she does. She holds her hands above her head for balance ha.

Baby's first ponytail!

Today we just relaxed at home, wrapped presents, and watched The Polar Express with the girls. Esther loved it! 

Now the girls are both asleep, Santa has come and the presents are all under the tree. I can't wait for the girls to wake up and open them! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Whitmore Library

Those who know me well know that my love of going to the library runs deep. Usually I take the girls to our local library, but we were getting a little bored of it. Since we are always looking for fun, free indoor activities to do in the winter (that hopefully aren't too germ infested), I decided to take the girls to checkout the next nearest library, the Whitmore Library, 

The girls loved it there, We read some books together, then went in the kids room. They had a train table and Christmas crafts set up. Esther made a ornament and a jingle bell necklace. 

They also had these fun little animal rocking horses that Esther loved. 

This library is part of the SLC network of libraries. They have 20 different branches in the Salt Lake Valley. I told Leland the girls and I would visit all of them. He thought I was joking ha. I probably won't visit them all but maybe ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Phone Pictures

It's quantity over quality when it comes to my phone pics but  l love them anyways. 

Baby girl is standing independently now, I can't believe it!

Poor sick Esther, it is always sad seeing her sick. I'm so glad she's better now. 

A few pictures from the museum of natural history that we visited before Esther got sick,

A couple weeks ago before church.

I love all her rolls. So sad the pictures turned out blurry, oh well!

Images by Freepik