Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our New Apartment

We've been married a little over 18 months and we've already lived in three different apartments. Maybe I'll write a post about our adventures in the other two sometime, but this post is about our latest apartment that we moved into at the end of June. Since a certain friend has been asking to see pictures I decided to finally clean the apartment and take some. There is still a lot that could/needs to be done, but I am just relishing in all the space we have that I really don't even notice what we are lacking. So here goes...

^^^This is what you see when your first walk through the door. To the right is the kitchen:

Down the hall we have half bathroom #1:

If you keep going we have half bath #2: 

So the first bathroom just has a toilet and sink, and the second bathroom has a shower/tub and sink, plus a washer and dryer. It is kind of a weird setup but I like it. Leland and I each get our own counter and sink so that's nice. We also love having our own washer and dryer. 

The second bathroom also has this window in the shower. 

It looks pretty but I'm pretty sure people outside can see through it. 

Anyways, on to the first bedroom, which is Esther's room. 

It's pretty empty in there so I tried to add some decorations, but I'm not really sure how I like them. She does really love looking at the hanging lanterns though. 

Across from Esther's room is our bedroom: 

Leland's grandma gave us the quilt as a wedding gift. Leland loves it because of the texture, and I love it because it is so huge that it is nearly impossible for either of us to steal it all during the night. Also I made that nightstand myself, but nbd. 

To the left of the front door we have our living room/dining room. 
It wouldn't be a real post without at least one picture of Esther.

I know that internet cable is hideous, but there is nowhere else it can go. 

And that is our apartment. It may not be the nicest place, but we really love it here :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

From the Weekend

This weekend my family drove up for a family reunion. We had a lot of fun with them and ate out way too much haha. Esther was loving all the attention she got and pretty much refused to nap the whole weekend, but she was still mostly happy.

^^^ She thoroughly enjoyed her first time on a baby swing. 

Later that night we headed to the Ogden Temple Open house. Esther was very fussy during the film but she calmed down once we got inside. It was so pretty inside and out. 

^^^ She loves her aunts and uncles. 

vvv the world's most awkward family photo, Esther was fed up at this point. 

vvv an attempt at an self-timer family photo. 

All in all it was a great weekend, and Esther has been sleeping 6+ hours a day in naps since we got back, so win win. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

BYU Natural Science Museum

Since Tuesday is Leland's day off we usually try to do a fun activity/date. This week it was rainy so we decided to go to the new BYU Natural Science Museum (aka Bean Museum). It was the perfect activity because it only took about 45 minutes to walk through the whole thing, and it was completely free :)

They had a ton of different animals. Almost all of them were posed in some sort of attack position so that was interesting haha.

When we went to the zoo Leland was pretty disappointed that most of the animals were either sleeping or out of sight. I was glad he finally got to see some animals up close, even if they were no longer alive. His favorite was the liger, but sadly I only got a picture with my phone of that one.

Esther wasn't too sure about the whole thing. She mostly liked watching all the kids there running around. 

It was really interesting to see and learn about all these animals. We'll have to take Esther back when she's older and will enjoy it more. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

5 Months

Esther is five months old already. I can't believe how fast she is growing up and changing. Her 6 month clothes are getting pretty tight so she mostly wears 9 month. I'm already shopping for 12 month and 18 month clothes for the winter.
I just love how she always puts her little feet together. 
At 5 months she:
-wears size 3 diapers
-weighs 17.5 lbs (guess)
-27.5 inches long (guess)
-can roll over back to belly
-occasionally rolls belly to back
-sleeps in her crib in her own room for naps and night
-is always "talking"
-smiles and laughs all the time
-is still breastfeed but finally got the hang of taking bottles
-sleeps for 12 hours at night, but wakes up to eat 1-3 times
-can sit unassisted for about 25 seconds

She is constantly waving her arms and kicking her feet. It makes for some blurry pictures. 

Esther likes:
-being outside
-being on her tummy
-sleeping in her crib
-playing with toys
-playing with things that aren't toys i.e. paper
-tummy time
-sitting up
-being read to

Esther doesn't like:
-being left alone
-being in the car, but she's gotten a lot better

Esther is such a sweet baby. She does have her fussy moments, whenever she is tired or hungry. She sometimes fusses for no reason, we suspect teething but no teeth have come through yet. 

This month's photo shoot was kind of a fail. Esther was a little hungry and didn't want to cooperate. 

Images by Freepik