Tuesday, April 25, 2017


We've been exploring some new places around us lately. Last week I took the girls on a little walk at the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve. It is a little 1 mile board walk with a lookout tower. The land is preserved for birds to stop there while migrating to and from South America. We saw a lot of birds and other wildlife. Esther's favorite part was what she called "Moana's house" ( above), and Adele liked seeing the ducks. I had Adele on my back in the Ergo and Esther did really well walking the whole way by herself. Esther was so "nervous" (her words) about the lookout tower. I guess she is afraid of heights like me ha. I was a little nervous up there too.

Adele is always so happy to walk like Esther. (The white on her face is sunscreen)

The only picture I could get from the top of the tower because Esther was freaking out.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Antelope Island with Leland. I had only been there once that I know of and Leland had never been. It was crazy weather! We had planned to do a short hike but it was hailing so we turned around early and went to the visitor's center instead. A little while later it was sunny and warm like the storm never happened. I was glad we were able to make it there before the bugs came out. We will see if we can make it back to explore more.

Let the Hiking Begin

Just like last year, Leland's work is doing a hiking challenge this summer. There are 20 hikes total ranging from really easy to fairly difficult. Last year Leland completed 10 I believe, and the girls and I joined him for most of them. This year Leland really wants to do all 20. He gets money and prizes for doing them so of course he wants to ha. (He is typically less than enthusiastic when I suggest a hike ;) )

On Saturday we did two of the easiest hikes. It was beautiful weather and we had fun exploring new places. The first was Bountiful Lake. It was 1.3 miles around the lake and the girls did great. They really liked playing in the water.

We bought this toddler sized Tula carrier specifically to carry Esther on these hikes. It feels more comfortable for than the traditional framed backpacks (for us) and it is designed for kids aged 2-5. Esther really loves riding in it so she rides a lot even though she probably could walk the whole way. She is a pretty slow hiker at best so this will be really great to have on the longer hikes.

Leland has to do this pose in a picture in order to get credit for the hikes.

In between our hikes we went to a little tea party put on by the hospital where Adele was born, It was for all the families of babies born in 2016. We probably wouldn't normally have gone but we were in the neighborhood anyways. It turned out super fun. Esther loooooved making a fairy garden and keeps checking on it to see if any fairies have come to visit it yet. ;)

After the tea party we did our second hike, Memory Grove Trail. This one was about 2 miles round trip. The hiking was on a paved road so it wasn't too bad. The traffic getting there was pretty bad so both girls weren't as excited for this one and I only got one picture. We got it done though ha.

2 down, only 18 more to go ;)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

House Tour Part 2

This part is the downstairs and outside. Part 1 of the tour is HERE.


One of the great things about this house was the big yard. It was by far the biggest yard we looked at and it was real selling point with us. I love the big trees and that it is fully fenced. The downside is that the previous owners did not take care of the yard at all. It was covered in leaves when we moved in that had been sitting there for years probably. So the grass is really patchy, there are a lot of weeds, weird overgrown gardens and randoms rocks everywhere. It has come a long way since we moved in and it will take more work to get it how we want it. We are planning on putting in a vegetable garden this year so I am excited for it to start to come together.

My mom bought the swing for the girls and they love it. They also love playing in the sand table and just random exploring. 

The pioneer in me loves drying the cloth diapers out in the sun. :)

In the corner of this picture you can see our ghetto table that we use as a baby gate so Adele doesn't fall down the concrete stairs. I told you this tour would be totally pinterest worthy,

All these bags are only a small portion of the leaves we've cleaned up. 


At the bottom of the stairs there is a room with a door to outside. We aren't really sure what to do with this room since it has no outlets, but it is pretty decent sized. This might become a toy room down the line when we have a bigger family and need the 4th bedroom. 

This hideous room might just be my favorite because SO MUCH STORAGE! I love being able to have all this stuff out of sight instead of stuffed in our closets and under beds like it was in our apartments.

This is a full bath that we mainly use as a guest bathroom. It is so nice to be able to have people stay over and have their own bathroom!


The playroom is technically the 4th bedroom. It is a really big room with two closets so it will probably be the girl's room many years from now. For now I love it as a toy room because all the toys are in one place and out of sight ha. The only downside is Esther doesn't really like to play down here unless someone is down here with her, Hopefully that changes in a couple years.


This room doubles as a guest room when we have them. It is very naturally dark so it makes a good TV room. I also really like having the TV not in the main living area of the house because I feel like we aren't just mindlessly watching as much anymore. 

My Aunt generously gave us the couches and tables for this room. We really love watching movies together down here and when the girls get bored of watching they can just play in the playroom. We haven't used the fireplace yet but I'm excited for that too. 

Another picture Esther requested I take of her going down the slide. :)

So there you have it, our house, We love it and are so grateful to have a nice place to raise our family. 

Happy Easter!

So I know I said I would get part two of the house tour up, but I got busy so it will be my next post for sure! (Cause I know everyone is just dying to see it ((joke))).

But anyways here is our Easter. We did a most of the festivities this weekend, egg dying on Friday, an egg hunt at our local park, then cousins and family over for another egg hunt and dinner on Saturday, and Easter baskets and church today, on Sunday.  We did do a little Holy Week activity and lesson each day this week to try to keep the holiday focused on Christ. It was meaningful for me even if the girls didn't understand much. The girls loved every minute of the fun, while simultaneously being little terrors because of way too much sugar, but it was still a great time. Holidays are so much funner with kids!

Like I said, too much sugar. 

I also put together this little video of our Easter activities. I am totally an amateur at making movies but I enjoy it and I love looking back on them so here it is!

Easter 2017 from Courtney Hunt on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

House Tour Part 1

I decided to break this up into two posts, this one will be the upstairs and the next part will be the downstairs and outside. 

I am so excited to share this post today! House tours are always my favorite posts to read and my favorite to look back on. I wish I had done one for every place that we've lived. But with that said here are a couple disclaimers. 1. We are just normal people living in a regular house. This tour will not be pinterest worth in ANY way ha. 2. All my pictures are crooked and decorating is not my forte so keep that in mind. 

When we first started looking for houses we really wanted one closer to Leland's work in SLC, but as we looked more and more we realized there really weren't any big enough for us there in our price range, so we started to look further out and found a couple that we really liked. There is a housing shortage in Utah so the houses were going really quickly and there were usually bidding wars involved. We found one we liked back in October and put an offer on it but we got outbid by someone else.  After that we knew we had to be quick, so I drove out to see this one, without Leland, right as it was put online. And it was during the middle of the week with a big snowstorm ha. Leland didn't even see it before we put an offer on it ha. Luckily he is easy to please and really liked the house too. We feel really grateful to have gotten it and it will be great for our family to grow into. We are glad we bought when we did instead of waiting until spring/summer like we originally planned because the housing market is even worse now. 

So with all that said, here are the pictures. 


When you walk through the front door, to the right is the living room and to the left is the kitchen. In the living room we have a pretty minimal setup to keep it cleaner. We do read a lot of books in this room and we sometimes bring a few toys up here for the girls to play with while I make dinner. Originally the kitchen and living room were a dark greenish grey. Leland really wanted to keep it (because he didn't want to paint, not because he liked it ha), but it make the space feel small and dark. I am so happy we went with white to paint it. It feels so big and bright and open now. 

After I had taken these pictures we added a few more pictures to the wall behind the couch. I plan on adding some indoor plants to this room, as well as more pictures and maybe a mirror. We would also like to get a piano for this room at some point. We have talked about adding hardwood floor since the carpet in this room is pretty stained, but that would be a few years down the road. 


 Originally, a formal dining room was on our must have list for house hunting, but none of the houses we looked at had one, so we just kinda gave up that dream ha. This kitchen is great though and has a lot of space for a table without feeling crammed. The appliances all came with the house except for the fridge, which we got on sale from Lowe's.

The side door goes out to the carport and the gate blocks the stair to the basement. I would like to add a coat rack here to make it a less cluttered entry way. 

We had planned on painting the whole upstairs white, but we ran out of time so our room stayed the blue/green it was when we moved in. I hated it at first but it is growing on me more now. It is more green than these pictures show. 

The room has two small closets, the first one is mine and the built in one is Leland. I'm not a huge fan of the open closets, even though that's in style now. I'm not organized enough ha.

Someday I would really like to get a fancy duvet and sheet set, but that's another down the line purchase, so for now we are happy to be still using the quilt Leland's granny made for us. 

Our room has a half bathroom attached. I am so happy that I will have only to go a few steps during the night for my future pregnancies :)

This bathroom has so much storage I don't even know what to do with it all. We are still using the bathroom set from my college days, but I plan to get a new set soon. 


Adele's room is really small but good for a baby. We use the changing table for her clothes storage and the closet holds her blankets, cloth diapers and accessories. 

I hung her newborn pictures above the crib and they go really well with the beige walls. We also store the vacuum in her room since we don't have a linen closet. 

My sister Kylee made the rocking chair cover, We use the rocking chair so much so it is great. I just need to attach the cover to the ottoman. 

Her favorite stuffies that she always has to sleep with. :)


This purple will be the first to go when I get up the energy to paint again. Esther doesn't mind it though. Eventually we will be moving Adele in this room with her when we have another baby.

The recliner in her room we use to cuddle before bed, and it's where we sit while she is falling asleep. Good thing it is comfortable because we almost always end up falling asleep in it ha. The blackout curtains, here and in Adele's room, are from our last apartment and they aren't the greatest looking but they work great so we've kept them. I'm sure you noticed, but our sense of style is pretty much whatever is functional and cheap and hopefully not too horrid looking ha. 

Well I got interrupted 53289 times while writing this so hopefully it makes sense and there aren't too many typos. I will try to have part two coming later this week. Please leave me a comment if you have any questions or thoughts, I love to hear them!

Images by Freepik