Saturday, April 8, 2017


Yesterday we went on a hike with the Wasatch Little Explorer's Club. It was my first time taking the girls on a hike without Leland. They did great! It was only like a mile round trip but Esther did great walking the whole way and playing with the little friends she met there. We did the Birdsong Trail in Ogden which is a really beautiful and easy hike. 

The other day we walked to the park and Esther looked like such a grown up girl. 

Adele's hair is getting so long and thick (for her :D ) but I love it!

Here is how a scooter ride goes with Esther: She moved 3 feet, stops to look at a flower, moves one inch, jumps off to grab a leaf, I coax her back on, she moves 1 foot, I have to help her over a bump, she goes another foot and I have to tell her to turn so she stays on the sidewalk. Repeat for 30 minutes. We literally made it 2 houses and back. I know she will love riding her scooter once she can do it, but teaching her how is the biggest exercise of patience for me. #parenting

Esther has been doing a lot better with her sleeping lately, thank goodness. We still have some rough nights but they are becoming fewer. Adele is getting her molars so her sleep hasn't been great but she's still better than Esther ha. 

The girls love playing the backyard, and so do I. 

We have been going to our new library and it is awesome. They have so many toys, even toys and puzzles you can check out, 

P.S. I think I am going to do a house tour post soon. We still aren't finished decorating yet but I figure I gotta do it now or I never will! So keep checking back and I hope to have it up sometime this week. :)

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