Sunday, April 16, 2017

House Tour Part 2

This part is the downstairs and outside. Part 1 of the tour is HERE.


One of the great things about this house was the big yard. It was by far the biggest yard we looked at and it was real selling point with us. I love the big trees and that it is fully fenced. The downside is that the previous owners did not take care of the yard at all. It was covered in leaves when we moved in that had been sitting there for years probably. So the grass is really patchy, there are a lot of weeds, weird overgrown gardens and randoms rocks everywhere. It has come a long way since we moved in and it will take more work to get it how we want it. We are planning on putting in a vegetable garden this year so I am excited for it to start to come together.

My mom bought the swing for the girls and they love it. They also love playing in the sand table and just random exploring. 

The pioneer in me loves drying the cloth diapers out in the sun. :)

In the corner of this picture you can see our ghetto table that we use as a baby gate so Adele doesn't fall down the concrete stairs. I told you this tour would be totally pinterest worthy,

All these bags are only a small portion of the leaves we've cleaned up. 


At the bottom of the stairs there is a room with a door to outside. We aren't really sure what to do with this room since it has no outlets, but it is pretty decent sized. This might become a toy room down the line when we have a bigger family and need the 4th bedroom. 

This hideous room might just be my favorite because SO MUCH STORAGE! I love being able to have all this stuff out of sight instead of stuffed in our closets and under beds like it was in our apartments.

This is a full bath that we mainly use as a guest bathroom. It is so nice to be able to have people stay over and have their own bathroom!


The playroom is technically the 4th bedroom. It is a really big room with two closets so it will probably be the girl's room many years from now. For now I love it as a toy room because all the toys are in one place and out of sight ha. The only downside is Esther doesn't really like to play down here unless someone is down here with her, Hopefully that changes in a couple years.


This room doubles as a guest room when we have them. It is very naturally dark so it makes a good TV room. I also really like having the TV not in the main living area of the house because I feel like we aren't just mindlessly watching as much anymore. 

My Aunt generously gave us the couches and tables for this room. We really love watching movies together down here and when the girls get bored of watching they can just play in the playroom. We haven't used the fireplace yet but I'm excited for that too. 

Another picture Esther requested I take of her going down the slide. :)

So there you have it, our house, We love it and are so grateful to have a nice place to raise our family. 

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