Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Let the Hiking Begin

Just like last year, Leland's work is doing a hiking challenge this summer. There are 20 hikes total ranging from really easy to fairly difficult. Last year Leland completed 10 I believe, and the girls and I joined him for most of them. This year Leland really wants to do all 20. He gets money and prizes for doing them so of course he wants to ha. (He is typically less than enthusiastic when I suggest a hike ;) )

On Saturday we did two of the easiest hikes. It was beautiful weather and we had fun exploring new places. The first was Bountiful Lake. It was 1.3 miles around the lake and the girls did great. They really liked playing in the water.

We bought this toddler sized Tula carrier specifically to carry Esther on these hikes. It feels more comfortable for than the traditional framed backpacks (for us) and it is designed for kids aged 2-5. Esther really loves riding in it so she rides a lot even though she probably could walk the whole way. She is a pretty slow hiker at best so this will be really great to have on the longer hikes.

Leland has to do this pose in a picture in order to get credit for the hikes.

In between our hikes we went to a little tea party put on by the hospital where Adele was born, It was for all the families of babies born in 2016. We probably wouldn't normally have gone but we were in the neighborhood anyways. It turned out super fun. Esther loooooved making a fairy garden and keeps checking on it to see if any fairies have come to visit it yet. ;)

After the tea party we did our second hike, Memory Grove Trail. This one was about 2 miles round trip. The hiking was on a paved road so it wasn't too bad. The traffic getting there was pretty bad so both girls weren't as excited for this one and I only got one picture. We got it done though ha.

2 down, only 18 more to go ;)

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