Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Seven Months Old

This post is a little late but on Sunday Adele turned 7 months old. Seven months seems so big! She is getting big too!. I don't know her weight and height stats but she is definitely growing. I was so sick of none of her clothes fitting that I finally put away all of the 6 and 9 month things and pulled out the 12 month and 18 month things. She even fits into a few 24 month things! She is back wearing cloth diapers and I am loving it again after a long break. 

Esther wanted to be in the pictures haha. I think she had been crying right before this .

Adele is such a happy girl. She still has no teeth but I think they are coming in which has made her a little more grumpy than usual, though nothing that mama holding her or going outside won't fix. She loves watching Esther, water, animals, books and scooting around to explore. She doesn't like riding in the car still, or being left alone for too long. 

I think she may be slowing down on the weight gain. She seems like she will keep her light brown hair which was a surprise to me but I think it looks adorable on her. 

Adele is a great napper and loves and needs her 3 naps a day, which can make long outings hard. When she doesn't get all her naps we pay with a fussy baby all night long. She loves napping in her crib and almost always goes right to sleep, but still occasionally sleeps in the swing. For night time she does about half in her crib and half next to me when I am too tired to go put her back in the crib. 

Adele still nurses every 3-4 hours and I hope to keep nursing her until 12 months. She doesn't take any pacifiers or bottles but will drink a little bit out of a sippy cup. Adele loves eating solid foods! I remember with Esther it took forever for her to not spit things out but Adele caught on right away. She loves pretty much everything we have given her except for peas. With Esther I was so excited for her to be eating solids I gave her a ton right from the beginning. This time we are taking it a little bit slower and going by the saying "Food before one is just for fun".

Adele has been scooting since 5 months but still no full on crawling yet. She is so fast with her scooting. The other day I left her in the living room and came back like 1 minute later and she had scooted to the bathroom and gotten into the cat food and water! I guess we need to do even more baby proofing now!

Adele has started playing with toys now and she is in the grabby pulling stage which makes me want to chop my hair because she is constantly pulling it, I just have to remind myself it is a short phase :). She also started babbling the other day out of no where. Leland has been trying to get her to say "dada" forever and finally on his birthday she did! Now she is constantly saying "dadadada" all the time. I almost wish she was saying "mama" but Esther has that one covered for now ;)

I love this little stance she always does lol ^^^

 vvv Those thighs! The only pants that fit over them are like 5 inches too long. I don't know what we will do in winter when she actually needs pants!

She can sit well now but much prefers being on her tummy so she will topple over just to get to her tummy after a few seconds. 

We sure love our Baby Dell! 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

We finally got family pictures! I have wanted to have nice family pictures since last summer but then I found out I was pregnant and then we just decided to wait until after Adele was born. So now we finally got them. They turned out way better than expected with two wiggle ones. I love them!

 Sidenote: I was super tempted to wait until after I had lost all the baby weight from Adele's pregnancy to have these taken, but I knew that the girls would never be these ages again and I really wanted to capture that and have some nice pictures of myself with them so we decided to go for it and I'm glad I did. Even though I don't look "perfect" I'm glad that I'll always have these photos to look back on and remember this time in my life with two little ones. #loveyourself

All the pictures were by

 In this one Esther said "I tired" and sat down and refused to move haha.

Images by Freepik