Monday, August 22, 2016

Gilgal Sculpture Garden

A few months ago I was reading a blog post about someone who took their kids to a sculpture garden in another state and how much they loved it. I thought Esther might like something like that so I searched google to see if there are any sculpture garden's in Utah. Needless to say, this was not at all what I had in mind, but after reading about it, I was too intrigued to not go see it haha. Apparently it was originally a man's backyard and he made all of the sculptures himself. After he passed away they opened it to the public. Online you can read about each one and the significance of it and then it doesn't seem so weird. (Still a little weird though) But when you are there, there are no plaques and zero explanation about what this place even is haha. 

Esther was happy to serve as my model for these pictures ;)

vvvThis one below is Joseph Smith's head on a sphinx. Online they claimed it was "the most unique sculpture in the garden" lol. This is why other people think Mormon's are so weird.

This one was a little cave with two human hearts (I think) inside. 

 There were a couple huge birdhouses on top of poles like 20 feet in the air.

 Esther and Adele were just happy to be outside.

 There were a lot of stepping stones with scriptures and words to hymns written on them .

 There were also quite a few flowers too.

Afterwards we went to Leland's favorite chocolate shop, Cummings, that is just a few blocks away. Esther loved it and was so excited when we bought some candy haha. Random side note, Leland once met President Monson inside Cummings when we was on his mission, so I guess he is a fan too. :)

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