Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pictures and Life Lately

We have been busy with a lot of little things going on lately. Here are some pics of what we've been up to!

Playing with Adele while we wait for E to wake up from nap.

The other day before church

Playing outside with these two girls today. They are really loving each other lately. This was a little glimpse into the future when they will hopefully be bffs.

One of our neighbors was getting rid of this little bike and asked if we wanted it. Esther loves it, even though she can't quite reach the pedals yet. 

Last night we went to a little safety fair at our local park. This was the first time Adele wore a clip in her hair. 

 Esther riding in the firetruck

 Sweet little Adele nursing. She has been sleeping so much better lately, so I have really been cherishing the times when she falls asleep nursing. I love her tiny hand, she always resting it on me to make sure I don't sneak away :)

 Esther in the bounce house at our stake carnival. She dubbed the giant slide "too scary" but was happy to go in the bounce house. 

August 14th was Leland and my "engage-iversary". It's been 4 years since we were engaged. I think our engagement pics will always be some of my favorites of us. Also the diamond from my ring went missing over the weekend :( I am still trying to look for it so I can hopefully get it fixed. 

 Little Adele. Since the weather has been nice (not 100 degrees) we have been going to different parks almost every day. Esther is always too busy playing for pictures so I just get Adele. 

 Fun with cousins. Over the weekend Leland's mom aka Granny came up from Texas for a quick visit. Esther loved her Granny to push her on the swings and also loved playing with her cousins. 

Adele's first time riding in the cart. She usually rides with me in the baby carrier. She loved being able to look around and smile at everyone. 

Esther fell asleep on me the other day. 

 What happens when we try to go for a walk

 FHE swimming from a couple of weeks ago. The water was much too cold for me and Adele. 

 More from the parks:

 Another of E napping:

 Adele loves eating table foods. Here she is eating mangoes. 

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