Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Bucket List

So now that fall is officially here, I've decided to do another bucket list so we can make sure to do all the fun things we want to do this fall.

A little update on our Summer Bucket List: We did everything on list except for go camping. And we did have microwave s'mores but not real s'mores. But that's ok. I would be a little worried to have Esther anywhere near fire anyway. Maybe next year! I'm happy that we did almost all of them though!

Fall 2015 Bucket List:

+ Carve Pumpkins: We didn't get around to this last year, and I am so excited to make this a family tradition with Esther this year.

+ Go to Gardner Village: We've never been before but I've heard good things about it.

+ Visit Millcreek Canyon: Here's a little flash back. Leland and I had our engagement pictures taken in Millcreek Canyon three years ago. We haven't been back since but the fall leaves were so beautiful. I love these pictures of us and I would love to get family pictures taken there again someday!

+ Family Pictures: Speaking of family pictures, we are planning to get some family pictures taken again this fall. Leland is a little reluctant but I really want us to have family pictures every single year. :)

+ Visit Cornbelly's: Cornbelly's is a corn maze at Thanksgiving Point, but they have a lot more than just a corn maze. I went a few times in college and the last time we went was when I was pregnant with Esther. I am excited to take Esther and I know she will love it. 

Well in hopes that we get around to doing all these things, I'll keep the list a little shorter this time. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I hope it cools down a little soon so that it actually feels like fall. I cannot wait to not be hot all. the. time. #pregnancyproblems. If I'm on top of things there will be a post after we accomplish each thing on the list. 

Lisa Falls

This weekend we went on a little drive and hike to Lisa Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon. I was hoping to see lots of fall leaves but I guess we aren't quite there yet. It was a fun little hike none the less. It's only a half mile round trip, but pretty steep climbing. Esther had to be carried the whole time. There is a nice little waterfall at the top. Esther loved splashing in the water and seeing all the squirrels. 

Discovery Children's Museum

This past Saturday we took Esther to the children's museum in Salt Lake. It was a free museum day for a bunch of different museums so it was pretty crowded, but not horrible. Esther had a lot of fun. Her favorites were the little house with the kitchen and the water, of course. I was glad Leland was able to come too, he was able to play with her and chase her around a lot so that was a nice little break for me :)

She looked so cute "cooking" in this mini kitchen. 

Trying to sit in a doll highchair lol

She was pretty skeptical about this giant horse. 

Leland loved some of the exhibits more than Esther :)

Inside the life-flight helicopter. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Esther Talks

Esther Talks from Courtney Hunt

I finally got a good video of Esther talking! She has been saying most of these words for months but never when we asked her to. This week finally something clicked with her language and she talks so much more now. She is learning new words all the time. She also does the sign language for "ball" and "milk" in the video. She can say a lot more words too, but these were the ones I could think of at the time. So yeah this post is basically shameless bragging but whatevs I love this video :)

Monday, September 21, 2015

22 Weeks with #2 + pregnancy projects

It's been a little while since I've done a pregnancy update, but not a lot has changed. We found out we are having a girl! And Leland has finally felt her move a few times! So those are the most exciting updates.

All sickness has been gone for a while so that is great. I honestly don't really even feel pregnant most days. I have had a hard time sleeping these past few days. But that's my only real "symptom". The days of sleeping on my back or stomach are officially over. I also have crazy dreams all the time but I'm used to that by now.

I don't really have many cravings this time around. Last time I gave into every craving and paid the price by gaining a ton. This time I am trying not to eat more than I need too. I hope to avoid sugar for the most part, but this is pretty much the worst time of year to do that so we'll see. The one sweet thing I do allow myself to have is honey and butter sandwiches. Just ask Leland, I am eating those all the time ;)

When we found out we are having another girl we bought a few outfits and things for her. Since we don't have much we need to buy my nesting has kicked in in other ways. We found a glider + ottoman at a thrift store for only $10. I was super excited since we didn't have one when Esther was born. I had grand plans to paint it and recover the cushions. I have since decided that this project is probably way above my skill set. Also we don't own a sewing machine. But I couldn't pass a deal like that up! So we've been using it as it is for Esther right now while I decide if I want to do something with it.

At the same thrift store we found a changing table for only $10. I plan to paint it and buy a new pad for it, but I am excited about this project too. It is a very long changing table so it will fit our long babies into toddlerhood. Leland is a little less enthusiastic about my projects (what's wrong with how they look now?) But even he couldn't pass up those awesome deals. Maybe I will do a little before and after post, at least for the changing table, as for the glider, anyone want to tackle that one for me? ;)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Esther @ 18 months

Today Esther had her 18 month checkup. She weighed 24 lbs 8 oz (70th percentile) and was 34 inches long, (95th percentile). She must have had a growth spurt recently because she seems so much taller than her last appointment. I'm also always telling Leland how heavy she feels to carry, and he agrees. She is our big girl!

Esther has definitely started into some naughtiness and stubbornness. She loves to push her boundaries. Things that she used to be OK with being off limits ( climbing on the table, running in the street) are now the funnest things ever. I am considering buying a leash for her because she thinks it's hilarious to run away from me. Also I am writing this on my phone because she spilled a giant cup of water on the laptop...

Even though she is quite naughty at this age she also has a lot of cuteness to her too. She laughs more than ever and loves to make us laugh also. She loves her baby doll. She wants it to come everywhere she is, including the bath, her highchair and in the car. She loves feeding it and washing it in the bath. Hopefully this means she'll make an easy transition to big sister. Also her baby doll must never be wearing clothes. If we try to put the diaper on it she rips it right off. Leland says she is living vicariously through her doll lol.

Her speech has really grown these last few weeks. She learns new words everyday, and it is so cute to see. She calls Ruby the dog "good girl" because that's what she hears everyone say haha. 

Esther is officially done with bottles. Now she has her milk in a sippy before bed. She is super attached to her binky and fuzzy and I don't see that changing anytime soon. She is finally down to one nap a day and is a pretty good sleeper.  She sleeps great in her crib so I don't want to change her to a toddler bed anytime soon. We may just need to invest in a second crib :)

I love being a mom to this sweet little girl. Even though it can be tedious, I'm glad I'm able to be home with her everyday. She pushes me to my limits some days, but at the end of the day when I'm rocking her before bed I'm so grateful that I'm the one that gets to take care of her and see her grow up. Love you little E :) 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Esther and Ruby

Esther and Ruby from Courtney Hunt on Vimeo.

Esther loves my parent's dog, Ruby. They followed each other around the whole weekend. Here's a little video of them playing together. It's the best I could get haha.

Pictures from the Weekend

Like most three-day weekends, we went down to my parent's house for labor day. Esther loves it there. We had fun watching the BYU game and going to Peach Days. Here are the pictures from the weekend. 


Thursday, September 3, 2015

It's a...

GIRL!!!! We are so excited. For a while I was sure it was a girl, then as the pregnancy went on I wasn't so sure anymore. But we are all happy that it is a girl. I am excited for Esther to have a little sister. I know they will have a lot of fun being so close in age. 

Esther is so hard to photograph these days. She is always moving and never wants to look at the camera. But luckily we got a couple good pics. 

We found out the gender yesterday at my 20 week anatomy scan . I really wanted to find out early but it turned out waiting wasn't as hard as I thought. Everything looked really good on the ultrasound. Baby girl was being so cute, yawning and kicking all over the place. We are so excited to meet you baby! :)

Images by Freepik