Monday, March 20, 2017

Moving Highs and Lows

We did it! We moved into our first house this weekend! All the excitment was pretty much overshadowed by the stress spiral of packing/unpacking. These are the 3 solitary pictures I've taken in the past week because things have just been crazy. In the above picture I was trying to pack and Adele was being fussy so I put her in the carrier, then Esther wanted to be carried too I put her on my back and vacuumed ha. It was quite a workout.

Esther is having a very hard time adjusting to such a big change. Yesterday she was saying she wanted to go back home. She has been really regressing with her sleeping (awake for an hour at 4am 👎) and the lack of sleep isn't helping her moods either. Luckily we have no obligations and we can just stay at home everyday for a while while we all adjust. She does love the backyard and the playroom, I'm hoping she gets used to playing without me right next to her soon. 

Adele loves the house and is so happy exploring everywhere. But she came down with a cold on Friday and it turns out it's RSV. She is doing well considering, but we are doing nebulizer breathing treatments to help her out. She has also been sleeping awful (understandable), but between the two of them I am really scraping by in the sleep department. 

So, all in all, we love our house but it is a big transition for all of us. I am really just in survival mode over here. I am very grateful that we live closer to our family now. We really couldn't have gotten through moving day without them.

I am hoping to get unpacked, at least mostly, in the next few days (lofty goals) and maybe after that I will post some picrures here. Or maybe I'll just catch up on sleep. We'll see ;)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Pics n Stuff

We were hit with the stake conference + daylight savings time double whammy today, buuuuut stake conference went much better than expected so 🙌. Also Adele said "Jesus" for the first time today.❤ "He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death." Mosiah 16:9
#hisday #sharegoodness (from Instagram today)

This week has been super busy getting ready to move on Saturday. We have so much packing to do and we have been busy painting the house getting it ready to move in. Leland is there finishing up, and I just got the girls to sleep (by myself, 🙌) so I figured I'd do a post about what we've been up to lately. The painting has been a slow slow process. We were only able to do the kitchen and living room in the past 3 weekends so the rest of the house will just be crazy colors for a while. 

We have all been loving the warm weather. Adele has been exploring outside for the first time since she can walk now. She always goes for the stairs first thing!

This was her face when she saw a dog. So cute! Looks like she will be an animal lover like Esther. 

On Friday Leland only had to work a half shift so we went to Wheeler Farm to explore. It will probably be our last time there until we move. But we will come back for sure because we love that place!

Also on Friday we went to a park in the morning. Esther is getting so good at climbing and is getting braver on the slides too. 

Adele is at the worst age for parks. She wants to play but I have to watch her like a hawk. She is either falling down, about to dive off a cliff, or eating something she shouldn't. At least she's cute right? Here she is eating an orange peel she found. 😒 I'm glad they both love being outside so much though. One person in our family, won't say names, practically hates being outside, so I'm glad these girls are developing a love of the outdoors from a young age. 😊

We've been making a lot of trips to home depot for house stuff (it's crazy how much you need to buy!) this time we scored a car cart. 

Another Dr appointment with this babe.

Adele has been teething and has separation anxiety to the max. She is super fussy in the evenings and only wants mama. Hopefully those darn teeth can come in soon so she can be a happy girl again. 

Esther drew this picture of Leland all by herself. It was her first time drawing a person. I love it so much ha. She got his glasses right on. 

Another one of our "lasts". The last time at our local library before we move. 

I put Adele in Esther's booster chair at the table and she was so happy she just looked like this the entire time. 

She always sleeps exactly like this, I love it. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Esther's 3 Year Interview

Esther's 3 year interview from Courtney Hunt on Vimeo.

Esther Turns 3!

Yesterday Esther turned 3 years old! I have been thinking of her as 3 for a while now so I am used to it, but still 3 is so old! Definetly not a baby or a toddler anymore, she's a little kid now. I posted the following on IG (along with the 5 following photos. Who doesn't love insta's new slide show option!?) 

3 years ago sweet little Esther made me a mama. Birthdays are always so bittersweet to me. It is sad to say goodbye to the little baby stranger who we brought home from the hospital, who first taught us to be parents. And to the little toddler who got into everything and would never sit still. Now she is a big three year old who can talk to me and dress herself and loves people. Although I'm always wishing time would slow down, I am looking forward to seeing who she grows into next. 💙 #EstherRichelle #sappypost

On Friday I did a little photo shoot with Esther for her birthday, She was surprisingly very cooperative and I got some really great pictures. 
"Show me how old you are"

Her own pose on this one ;) 

Most of the day we spent at our new house painting. we didn't want to go out since I'm pretty sure we are all still contagious with HFMD. But Esther had fun there anyways. She loves playing in the backyard. Leland set up a new swing that my mom sent for her and she had a blast. I was too busy painting to get any pictures but we are so excited to move in in two weeks!

After painting we decided to go out for ice cream since we had coupons for a free cone. Esther was in heaven there. Both girls had just woken up from naps and were so cute and good. 

 in an ice cream induced daze

Afterwards we came home for presents and cake. I have one style of cake I make for every birthday ha. Esther really liked the butterfly wings and rain coat we got for her. 

I will update this post with her 3 year stats once we go to her well check in a couple of weeks. Esther has a funny, bright and bubbly personality. She loves socializing and friends. She is comfortable talking to most people which seems so strange coming from shy parents like me and Leland. She still struggles to share a bit but overall she gets along well with other kids. She loves Adele and typically plays well with her too. She is a pretty good eater for the most part as long as we don't try to force her to eat anything. If anything becomes a battle with her we always lose ha. She is just really stubborn when she wants to be. She is still a bad sleeper but I think she is slowly slowly getting better, She is not as brave or wild as she used to be, which is fine by me ha. She is fully potty trained now which is so nice. It took us about 6 months to get from 100% diapers to 100% accident free, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. 

She loves to read books and can now recognize a few letters. She knows all her colors and loves any type of art project or craft. She loves helping me with chores and can do a few things by herself. She can count to 10 and sometimes higher but she really isn't interested in anything academic right now. She just loves to play and pretend and is starting to get more and more imaginative. I am of the mindset to just let little kids play to learn and not do anything heavily academic until they are school age, so I haven't really tried to teach her numbers or letters yet. We aren't sure if we will put her in preschool in the fall, but if we do it will probably be something more play centered. 

Her favorite things include princesses, little bear, tall mountain (hiking), my little pony, playing outside, and dancing like a ballerina. 

I am working on her 3 year interview video so that will hopefully be posted soon!

Images by Freepik