Monday, July 31, 2017

Adele is 18 Months

 Thanks for all the sweet comments and messages after my last post. I really appreciated them and I'm grateful for all the support I've gotten during this trial. 

 Adele Genevieve is 18 months as of Friday. After sneaking into nursery for the past 2 months she is officially old enough now. She had her well check this morning and her stats were
height: 33 inches-90th percentile
weight: 25lbs 10oz-80th percentile
head: 18 inches- 50th percentile
I was surprised at how close she was to Esther's size at this age (here's the post). I am always a little concerned about her weight lately as she has only gained 4 pound in the past year! But she is still slowly gaining, and she is a good eater, just a very active toddler, so I'm guessing she will have slow weight gain from here on out.

Adele still loooooves breastfeeding. I am working on deciding when to wean her. My goal was 18 months and now that I've reached that I'm feeling a little bit done with it, but I know it is so healthy for her so I just don't know when we'll be done. Probably sometime in the next few months, but we'll see how lazy I'm feeling ha. She still eats table foods well but doesn't have the same enthusiasm for eating as she used to. She likes to stick to a plant based diet, as she loves fruits and vegetables, but doesn't like protein or grains as much. We also discovered she is sensitive to dairy (Esther was too but grew out of it), so that's another reason it's easier to just keep her on breast milk. 

Adele loves her baby Mimi. She takes her everywhere and sleeps with her every night. She also likes this big baby doll, but she's too heavy for her to carry around full time. It is nice that she is into the same toys as Esther now, legos, little people, barbies and books. She does really well listening to books and has her favorites that she demands we read to her on repeat ha. She also has a shoe obsession and loves any toy that has shoes. She is very particular about her own shoes too and lets me know which ones she doesn't approve of. 

So I have to brag a little about her talking, not that I have much to do with it, but she is very advanced at talking. Her Dr. said they expect most toddlers to have 10-15 words at 18 months, and Adele easily has 50+. I think it is partially because she has Esther talking to her all day, as well as myself, and she learns from the things I say to Esther. She is a pretty shy little girl though, so don't expect to hear any of them unless she is comfortable with out haha. 

She does well with sleeping, although she is still nursed or rocked to sleep she usually sleeps the entire night without waking up, unless she is teething. Which she usually is :) 

She loves Moana and Frozen. Her favorite show is this weird nursery rhyme thing on Netflix. Those are pretty much the only three things she will sit and watch, everything else she will wander off after 10 minutes, which is a little frustrating because Esther used to watch so much tv at this age and I could get so much done ha. Not so much with Adele, she isn't easily entertained and usually wants to be up in whatever I'm doing. Our house is a lot messier than it used to be because cleaning with her around is impossible, but I'm pretty good at letting that go ha. Just ask anyone who's come over in the past few months. 

Adele and Esther have a special relationship, although they fight all the time and I feel like I'm doing conflict resolution as a full time job, they do love each other. They will play together for longer stretches now and they love to be together. We will probably be moving them in the same bedroom in the next few months and I am a mostly nervous but a little excited because they love each other so much and always ask to sleep in the same bed. 


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

All Your Losses Will Be Made Up

I have gone back and forth about sharing this on the blog. I usually don't share things so personal, but I want to be open about our experience in hopes that it will help someone else and end some of the silence and stigmas surrounding miscarriage. 

I remember the morning vividly, Adele had woken up at 6am and wouldn't go back to sleep. I decided to take a pregnancy test, as I had every other day for the past week, because I just knew I was pregnant. Except this time was different because I saw the word "yes" finally appear on the stick. I was so shocked and happy. I told Adele right then "Baby, you're going to be a big sister!".

I called Leland a few hours later and told him. He wasn't very excited, mostly just shocked, we both were, as this pregnancy had not aligned with "our timeline" of how we planned things.  A part of me will always regret not being anything but excited and grateful to be pregnant.

It didn't take long for us to get excited. As time went on we made plans and dreams for our baby, talked about names and what gender we thought this one would be. There wasn't an hour that went by that I was pregnant that I didn't think of the baby.

We hadn't planned on telling Esther so soon, but one morning as soon as she got up for the day she came to me and said "Mama, you have a baby in your belly?" I told her yes, and that the baby would be born in March just like her. I like to think she had a special connection to this little spirit, since she somehow knew about the baby before I even told her. Later I bought a pregnancy book and she loved looking at all the pictures and seeing how big the baby was each week.

I had put off telling anyone else because I kept waiting for this pregnancy to feel "real". Maybe it's because it was such a surprise, or because I was busy with two toddlers, or maybe it's because of what would eventually happen, but for whatever reason this pregnancy kinda always just felt like a dream.

the picture we used to tell my family

Finally, after what seemed like forever of keeping this big secret, we told our families, and we didn't even get to telling all of them before the bleeding started. As soon as that happened, I just knew. We were due to leave for our family camping trip in a couple of days and I really wanted to go. I prayed that if this was a miscarriage that it could happen quickly and easily so that we could still enjoy our trip. Blood tests and ultrasounds confirmed what I had felt, that it was a miscarriage. We were still able to go on the camping trip and enjoy spending time with family and away from technology. I really felt the love of our Heavenly Father as that prayer was answered for me.

Emotionally it has been hard. Even though our baby was small, we both loved him/her so much. When I was pregnant with Adele, I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks (pictured above). I couldn't believe how much she looked like a real baby, fully formed with a heartbeat and arms and legs wiggling around on the screen. She was as much a person then as she is now.

I know some people refer to a fetus this small as just tissue or just a clump of cells, but for me that couldn't be further from the truth. The baby's body was formed in God's image, and he or she had a unique spirit which I could feel with me during our short time together.

As I have searched out the church doctrine on the subject of miscarriage, I have found it is prettt ambiguous. I think this is because it is different for every situation. Sometimes the baby gained their needed body and will be resurrected. Other times their was a flaw in the body that caused the miscarriage, or it wasn't the right time, and the spirit will come to a different body at another time. I have been trying to use this trial as an opportunity to grow closer to my Savior and seek personal revelation regarding our little one's circumstance. I hope that anyone out there suffering after a miscarriage will take the time to search for answers in their own situation. I haven't found all my answers yet, but I have found comfort from the following quote.

“All your losses will be made up to you in the resurrection, provided you continue faithful. By the vision of the Almighty I have see it."       -Joseph Smith

We don't know why this happened and we probably never will, but I do have faith that this little spirit belongs to our family and whether it be in this life or the next that we see him or her, they will be with us forever. 💜

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Family Camping Trip 2017

 This past week we went on a camping trip with my family. It was our first time camping since the girls have been born. They loved it! Sleeping was a bit of a challenge but I went into it with very low expectations, so they did better than I thought. They wouldn't go to sleep until 10 or 11 but once they were asleep they pretty much slept all night and didn't get up too terribly early. They were so tired that they napped easily most days. By the last day they were both little sleep deprived wrecks but other than that they had fun ha.

They loved playing around the campground and got sooooo dirty. 

                                                      A nice picture taken by Esther. :)

The girls loved spending time with their grandparents and aunts and uncles. 

The many faces of Adele. 

I'm not sure what's going on in this picture. 😂 Esther really wanted to be Moana so we had to get creative with the dress up. 

E and A playing with "magic sand".  We brought a few activities and toys but in hindsight we should have brought more because they ran through them pretty quickly. And we needed them entertained while the adults played board games. :)

Sweet little Adele during one of her rare naps in the tent. Don't be deceived by the pack n play in the back, Adele refused to sleep in it. 

Preparing for the rainstorm. 

There was a little pond with canoes at the campground. Esther looooved them and I had fun in them too. It was a bit of a trust exercise because she was so afraid they would tip at first, but once we got out on the water she had a great time pretending to be Moana. And singing "Row Your Boat". 

A beautiful view. 

We made a little side trip down to my parents so everyone could shower and the others in our group could go to the lake. We had to make a stop at Walmart to replace Adele's favorite toy, Mimi, that got lost on the way down. Luckily Cedar City is diverse. ;)

A camping bath for both babies. 

When we told Adele it was time to get out ha. #dramatic

Roasting "Marfmewwows"

S more's for breakfast. 

Playing in the stream.

More canoe pics, with Ruby the dog. 

We had a fun time and I'm glad we have a long weekend to recover. Maybe now I will be braver and take them camping more than once every 3 years. :)
Images by Freepik