Friday, July 14, 2017

Life Update

I feel like I have nothing to blog about lately, there is nothing big going on but a lot of little things. I have been so bad at taking pictures lately (curse you instagram stories), but I've been trying to do better. So here's a little life update on us.

This summer has felt a little different that I had hoped. I guess I just idealized it in my head, but really with my kids not in school yet anyways, it's pretty much just like the rest of the year except way too hot and every public place is overrun with kids. We have had fun though, going to the children's museum, playing with cousins (the girls loooove their cousins that live close by to us now), and going to splash pads. I guess we aren't getting out as much as I thought we would, and that's ok. I just need to remind myself to slow down sometimes ha. We are going camping (for 4 days!) next week so I'm sure that will make everything feel much more summery.

We are getting closer! We finished all the classes and officially turned in our applications. Now we will be waiting on our background check to come through, they said it could take up to 4 weeks. In the meantime we will be prepping our house like crazy for the home study. It won't even be scheduled for a while, but there is a lot we have to do to get our house ready. I also attempted to squeeze 3 car seats in the backseat of our car the other day, in 100 degree heat. Just to test and make sure we can fit another little one. They fit, but barely. I think a minivan is in our near future. 

On Monday Leland took another actuary exam. He has been studying for this one for a year plus. so we were really looking forward to having it over, but he won't find out if he passed for 8 weeks! Usually they tell him right away so this is kinda a bummer. Finger's crossed that he did! ( I really think he did, but he is always so worried he didn't so it will be great to know for sure). 

We all got hit with the crazy summer stomach flu the past couple of days. Luckily for Leland and I it seemed to pass after only a few hours. Hopefully it is gone for good. It is so hard to take care of kids when you're sick though.

This summer we decided to have Esther take swimming lessons. She was so excited the first day, after the first day her emotions ranged from excitement to me having to coax her to go every morning. It didn't help that I signed her up for the earliest class at 9am. Girl is not a morning person. But by the last few classes she was loving it and making so much progress. Until she got sick. She had to miss the last two classes because she was sick like the rest of us, poor girl. I felt so sad she had to miss them and I told her I will take her swimming again when she is better to make up for it. She did good though and I felt like she got a lot braver in the water. Adele was a bit of a handful during lessons but I usually kept her strapped in the stroller and fed her snacks to keep her happy. 

Esther 3 Years Swimming Lessons from Courtney Hunt on Vimeo.

This girl. She is a sweet and sassy little handful. She loves Mama and Dada so much, but never at the same time ha. She is so sensitive. She gets so affected by things (like teething), that make it hard sometimes, but I love her sensitive little nature. She knows so many words and loves to copy everything Esther does. Also she is so messy. I cannot keep her clothes clean or unstained for the life of me.  I swear she ruins 2-3 shirts a week even when wearing bibs and not eating! So she will probably just always be in stained clothes because I'm sick of buying new ones. Good thing she's so cute even in ruined clothes. 

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