Sunday, October 25, 2015

Esther's New Kitty

So we got a kitty! It's kind of a crazy decision with our small apartment and a new baby coming soon, but we just couldn't resist! Esther loves cats so much and I knew he would keep her entertained (and she him) now that we can't play outside as much. I was right. Esther is in love with the little guy. 

Funny enough she doesn't really like holding him, She just loves chasing him around and watching him play. She gets a little jealous when he sleeps on my lap...Good practice for the new baby I guess :).

He is a good little kitty. He loves people so much. He always wants to be in sight of us. The only downfall with that is he meows a lot when we put him in the bathroom at night. Hopefully that will go away soon... We are probably going to name him Loki. We have just as hard of a time deciding cat names as baby names. 

He is very hard to get a good picture of, so here is a video of Esther playing with him. She laughs so much when she sees him, it makes all his night time meowing worth it. :)

Esther's New Kitty from Courtney Hunt on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

26 Weeks with #2

We are nearing the end of the second trimester over here. I can't really say that it's gone by fast but it is going by. The top picture was taken today and the bottom picture is when I was 26 weeks pregnant with Esther. 

I feel like I am way bigger this time but according to these pictures I guess the belly is about the same size. And apparently I really like doing that pose lol .

Things have been going well. I don't really have a lot of the bad symptoms that I had last time like reflux and swelling. Time will tell though. I am at the exact same weight I was last time at 26 weeks, despite trying to eat somewhat healthy this time around, Oh well. At least with a winter baby I can hide all the baby weight under hoodies and sweaters. I also don't have tons of pregnancy cravings like I did last time. Or maybe I'm just better at ignoring them. Last time I think I gave in to every craving I had lol. This time I like chocolate, ice cream and salty things. Basically I always want fast food too. 

I have started preparing for the actual birth. Since I am trying for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) we have hired a doula. She is great and I think she will help me a lot in labor. I have also been reading some natural birth books since this time I am going to try to go all natural. Both my Dr and the hospital here are very natural birth friendly so I am really hoping that things go much better with this birth. We are planning to avoid induction at all costs since I had a failed induction last time. So I am preparing myself to go up to 2 weeks "overdue". Which makes my real "due date" February 7th, aka the day that I have to give birth by according to hospital policy. Hopefully I'll go into labor on my own before then but if not I'm preparing myself just in case. 

I am super excited for another little girl to join our family. I love the newborn stage so much! It seems like we still have a long long time before she joins us but maybe the holidays will make it all go by faster. :)

Millcreek Canyon

Yesterday for FHE we took a drive up to Millcreek Canyon. The fall leaves were amazing! It was nice to get away from city for a little bit and enjoy the fall weather. Something is going on with my camera, making most of the pictures blurry. Plus it was getting dark so the photos aren't the greatest. But it was fun all the same. They have some hikes up this canyon that we'll have to try out next summer. 

We taught her to throw leaves, it's adorable haha. 

The best picture of the three of us that we could get with the self timer. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

From the Weekend

This weekend was another 3-day weekend for us, so we went down to my parents again. Esther has so much fun there playing outside and playing with Ruby the dog. She also loves having so many people to play with. 

On Friday we went to a farm/pumpkin patch in St. George. I didn't take very many pictures but  I did get a few from my phone and my mom's phone. Esther loved the animals and the swings and slides. 

 Other than going to the farm we also did some shopping but mostly played at the house. It rained while we were there, but it didn't stop Esther from wanting to be outside. :)

And here is a little video of Esther petting the goats and her Uncle Adam taking her down a slide. :)

Esther at Farm from Courtney Hunt on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Toddler Halloween Party

Since we've moved here I've been trying to be better about making friends and being more social, so I decided to throw a little Halloween party for Esther's friends and their moms. The party was yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I didn't go super all out or anything, it was just a casual thing with two other moms/kids. Esther loves people and had a blast. She seemed so happy to have kids to play with. She loves her friends from nursery. (Side note: Last Sunday she gave the other nursery leader a kiss and she gave her little friend Ollie a kiss too haha. Which is funny because I can probably count on one had the number of times she has voluntarily given me a kiss. Oh well, little girl loves her friends.) 

The grumpy cat who didn't want me to take her picture. 

 This game was supposed to be ghost bowling. I didn't put too much effort into the activities because I figured the kids would just want to play with toys, and I was right haha.

I had this set up for the kids to make bracelets. One little girl loved making these while Esther and the little boy just loved eating the cereal. 

                                                                  Blurry but still cute.

The main hit were these window stickers. Esther has loved them for the few weeks we've had them up and the other kids loved them too. They ripped super easily though so they probably won't last much longer. 

A happy little girl after the party. 

Changing Table Makeover

 So one pregnancy project is (pretty much) done! We got this changing table from Savers for $10. It was in pretty good condition and even came with a pad. Though the pad had some weird ink/marker on it. So at first I was just going to throw it out but then I ended up finding a way to make it work.


I had never painted furniture before so I didn't really know what I was doing. It turned out to be not as hard as I thought it would be. To paint we did two coats of primer and two coats of paint. We did one coat a night after Esther was asleep so it took a few days, but I am happy with how it turned out. There were mixed opinions about sanding online. Since we don't have a sander I skipped the sanding and I think the paint took pretty well. I am happy with how it turned out!


So as I said I originally wanted to get a new changing pad, but after looking around and discovering they were about $30 at the cheapest I did not want to do that. Since we were doing this project on the cheap I just decided to recover the old changing pad with vinyl contact paper, (the kind you put in your cupboards). I got a roll for $5 from walmart (with a ton leftover) so I figured it was worth a try to see if it would work. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would. It seems very waterproof and it has worked with changing Esther so far. If it gets dirty after a diaper change we just wipe it down.   

Now I just need to find some storage baskets/bins to go underneath. We plan to use these to store the new baby's clothes in. 

***The whole project cost about $40 (including the changing table itself), but that is with a lot of leftover paint, primer and contact paper. We bought all the supplies at Walmart. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Gardner Village

This weekend we marked off one thing from our fall bucket list, visiting Gardner Village. We had fun looking around the shops, eating giant cookies, and enjoying all the Halloween decorations. Esther's favorite part was definitely the petting zoo. She was not afraid of those animals one bit haha. She kept trying to feed them whatever she found on the ground, whether it be grass or rocks.

The best family photo we could get. 
Taffy being pulled. 

Little Cutie

Horse Love

I thought she would love holding this bunny, but she wasn't so sure. I guess she only loves animals she can feed. 

It was nice to spend this day as a family. Leland is much more of a recluse homebody than I am, I love to go out and do things. So I am glad he is always a good sport and comes along and has fun anyways. :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

24 Weeks with #2

My belly has really popped these past couple of weeks. I have people commenting on the fact that I'm pregnant a lot more often now. Someone at church said "so you must be getting close now right?" Uhhhhh nope, still 4 more months. I don't blame them though, I feel like I'm in the third trimester already with this huge belly. At my Dr.s appointment I was measuring 30 weeks, at 23 weeks. Though my Dr isn't worried because I measured ahead the entire time with Esther too and she was normal size. 

Aside from the giant belly growth spurt, things have been normal. Baby girl moves all the time, and Leland feels her a lot too. She must have tons of room in there because she is constantly changing from head down to sideways to breech. Hopefully she'll stay head down soon. 

We are about 95% sure of what her name will be. We'll just have to see her to be certain it fits. As for her middle name we still have no idea. Maybe we should talk about that sometime haha. Naming babies is fun in theory but when it comes to the real deal there is so much pressure. I kind of dread it haha. But that's a whole other post. It seems like everyone wants to know the name we've chosen so we've given up on keeping it a secret. I'm too much of a people pleaser to not tell people when they ask. But I don't want to announce it online yet. So ask me in person and I'll tell you :) 

We've made some progress on our baby projects so I'll write an update on that soon. 

Images by Freepik