Monday, October 5, 2015

24 Weeks with #2

My belly has really popped these past couple of weeks. I have people commenting on the fact that I'm pregnant a lot more often now. Someone at church said "so you must be getting close now right?" Uhhhhh nope, still 4 more months. I don't blame them though, I feel like I'm in the third trimester already with this huge belly. At my Dr.s appointment I was measuring 30 weeks, at 23 weeks. Though my Dr isn't worried because I measured ahead the entire time with Esther too and she was normal size. 

Aside from the giant belly growth spurt, things have been normal. Baby girl moves all the time, and Leland feels her a lot too. She must have tons of room in there because she is constantly changing from head down to sideways to breech. Hopefully she'll stay head down soon. 

We are about 95% sure of what her name will be. We'll just have to see her to be certain it fits. As for her middle name we still have no idea. Maybe we should talk about that sometime haha. Naming babies is fun in theory but when it comes to the real deal there is so much pressure. I kind of dread it haha. But that's a whole other post. It seems like everyone wants to know the name we've chosen so we've given up on keeping it a secret. I'm too much of a people pleaser to not tell people when they ask. But I don't want to announce it online yet. So ask me in person and I'll tell you :) 

We've made some progress on our baby projects so I'll write an update on that soon. 

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