Sunday, October 11, 2015

Gardner Village

This weekend we marked off one thing from our fall bucket list, visiting Gardner Village. We had fun looking around the shops, eating giant cookies, and enjoying all the Halloween decorations. Esther's favorite part was definitely the petting zoo. She was not afraid of those animals one bit haha. She kept trying to feed them whatever she found on the ground, whether it be grass or rocks.

The best family photo we could get. 
Taffy being pulled. 

Little Cutie

Horse Love

I thought she would love holding this bunny, but she wasn't so sure. I guess she only loves animals she can feed. 

It was nice to spend this day as a family. Leland is much more of a recluse homebody than I am, I love to go out and do things. So I am glad he is always a good sport and comes along and has fun anyways. :)

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