Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Toddler Halloween Party

Since we've moved here I've been trying to be better about making friends and being more social, so I decided to throw a little Halloween party for Esther's friends and their moms. The party was yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I didn't go super all out or anything, it was just a casual thing with two other moms/kids. Esther loves people and had a blast. She seemed so happy to have kids to play with. She loves her friends from nursery. (Side note: Last Sunday she gave the other nursery leader a kiss and she gave her little friend Ollie a kiss too haha. Which is funny because I can probably count on one had the number of times she has voluntarily given me a kiss. Oh well, little girl loves her friends.) 

The grumpy cat who didn't want me to take her picture. 

 This game was supposed to be ghost bowling. I didn't put too much effort into the activities because I figured the kids would just want to play with toys, and I was right haha.

I had this set up for the kids to make bracelets. One little girl loved making these while Esther and the little boy just loved eating the cereal. 

                                                                  Blurry but still cute.

The main hit were these window stickers. Esther has loved them for the few weeks we've had them up and the other kids loved them too. They ripped super easily though so they probably won't last much longer. 

A happy little girl after the party. 

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  1. That looks like such a successful and happy party! What great ideas. My girls love those window gel clings too. :)


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