Sunday, October 25, 2015

Esther's New Kitty

So we got a kitty! It's kind of a crazy decision with our small apartment and a new baby coming soon, but we just couldn't resist! Esther loves cats so much and I knew he would keep her entertained (and she him) now that we can't play outside as much. I was right. Esther is in love with the little guy. 

Funny enough she doesn't really like holding him, She just loves chasing him around and watching him play. She gets a little jealous when he sleeps on my lap...Good practice for the new baby I guess :).

He is a good little kitty. He loves people so much. He always wants to be in sight of us. The only downfall with that is he meows a lot when we put him in the bathroom at night. Hopefully that will go away soon... We are probably going to name him Loki. We have just as hard of a time deciding cat names as baby names. 

He is very hard to get a good picture of, so here is a video of Esther playing with him. She laughs so much when she sees him, it makes all his night time meowing worth it. :)

Esther's New Kitty from Courtney Hunt on Vimeo.

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