Sunday, November 20, 2016

Putting Up the Christmas Tree

Esther had been begging for days to put up the Christmas tree so I finally gave in and we set it up :). Our camera does not take good pictures in low lighting so these pictures are pretty awful, plus I look like a zombie #teethingbaby, but oh well here are the pictures. Esther was so into it this year. She loved every ornament and kept saying how beautiful the tree was. She is so excited for Christmas, and so are we :)

We had to put the tree on a little table to keep Adele from getting to it. She still manages to pull on the lights though! 

I'm so glad I have the blog to look back on our past years tradition of putting up the tree.

2015 Esther was so little and I was so pregnant and look at tiny Loki! (RIP Loki :'( )
2014 Esther was the same age as Adele is now and she had the same little chubby face :)

Can't wait to see what next year brings!

Esther Singing about Christmas

Esther Singing Christmas Songs from Courtney Hunt on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday Thoughts

So I haven't blogged in a bit for two reasons. 1. We have just been sick and hanging out at home and going to parks with nothing too exciting going on. 2. I am trying to finish my blog photo book/family year book before Christmas and it is slow going. I love having the books so I know it will be worth it but man I take a lot of pictures to sort through ha. I feel like I've written about this like 5 times and I probably have but it is a huge project! I have quite a few posts that I have in mind for the blog though so stay tuned!

Right now is like the calm before the storm because on Tuesday we leave for my parents for Thanksgiving, then we have tons of things going on after that like Ward christmas parties, Work christmas parties, and all the other fun events around the holidays. It will be fun, just busy!

Esther is so excited for Christmas, We've been teaching her about Santa and when she asks for something I always say "maybe Santa will bring it for me." So lately she's been saying "I want Christmas to bring me a slide!" haha she is a little confused but it's cute. She keeps saying she wants to "make Christmas" which I think means setting up the tree.  I've been a mean mom and have said we have to wait though. I just know it will be a month long task of keeping Adele away from it so I'm not super eager to set it up this year. #grinch She also has been asking when we are going to Grandma's for Thanksgiving about every 2 hours for the past 5 days lol.

Also I don't want to jinx it, but after 2.75 years Esther is finally sleeping through the night most of the time! She finally got all her teeth in so I think that's what  changed. And we got her a special kitty night light and told her she has kitty at night so she doesn't need to wake us up :) We shall see if it lasts. 

Adele is getting so big lately. She cruises all over and is into everything. This has caused a lot of sibling rivalry between her and Esther. Esther gets so mad when Adele steals her toys or whatnot. We are working on it, but Esther never used to be that bothered by her before now. I just want them to be best friends!


Friday, November 4, 2016

All Esther

Esther has been talking so much lately. I can't get over all the new words and phrases she uses. Here are some of the funny/cute things she has said the past few weeks. 

The understatement of the year after she had a #2 accident
E: "Silly Esther, silly Esther, no pooping in pants"

She was playing with fuzzy in a basket
Me: Is this fuzzy's crib?
E: No, it's a basket.
A little while later and I had forgotten about the earlier conversation
Me: Oh, you're putting fuzzy in her bed?
E: No, it's not a bed, it's a basket!

After she tooted
Me: Esther what do you say?
E: Excuse me my toots, just like Dada, toots just like Dada

Me: So now the question is. which park are we going to go to?
Esther: Witch park? No witch park!

Me: Soon it will be time for bed.
Esther: I don't want to go to bed, I want to stay here with my friends! ( Friends meaning me and Leland :))

Esther talking in her sleep: "Oh No! Baby eating my legos!"

After seeing Leland lick his bowl
E: (sigh) Oh Dada, oh Dada

After she stepped in a giant mud puddle and I reprimanded her.
E: It's ok, just be happy, just be happy Mama. 

Anytime I tell her anything she doesn't like to hear
E: I don't understand

And anytime I discipline her she breaks my heart with this little phrase
"Please don't be mad at me Mama"

Playing with her Dumbo
E: Just look at those cheeks, look at his cheeks!
Ha I guess she pays a lot of attention to what people say about Adele at the grocery store!

Halloween 2016

I know it's a little late, but Halloween was a blast this year! Esther was so excited for weeks to be Cinderella and to have Adele be Gusgus. They looked so adorable in their costumes! These first pictures aren't actually from Halloween but just a few cute ones of the girls in the leaves.

It seems like there was so much going on for Halloween this year. On Wednesday we went to a Halloween story time at the library, and later that day we had an apartment complex Halloween party, then the ward Trunk or Treat and dinner that night. We didn't do anything else until the actual day of Halloween, but there were at least 5 other trunk or treats I heard about that we could have gone too. I was happy with just having two days of events though. 

On Saturday we carved our pumpkins. Esther wanted no part of that, but was so excited when Leland carved hers into a kitty. She kept asking us to get the kitty out so she could play with it. 

On Halloween day we went trick or treating at Leland's work. The girls got so much candy from this and had a blast. It is a fun tradition that I am excited to continue over the years. On Halloween night we had a special dinner, Pumpkin Sloppy Joes, then we went trick or treating with some friends of ours in their neighborhood. Esther loved seeing her friend Nellie dressed as Tinkerbell. The next day Esther was wanting it to be Halloween again. I told her Halloween was over but now we get to eat all the candy. She was satisfied with that answer :). 

Adele will probably hate me for posting this online when she's a teenager, but I just can't resist, so I'll just leave this here :D

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nine Months Old

Okay, so 9 months is the age where these pictures get really hard to do because baby won't sit still for two seconds let alone smile. I was close to just throwing in the towel with these monthly pictures/updates, but the second child in me protested such unfairness since I finished all 12 months with Esther. And lets be real we all know I would never stop talking about my children on this blog. Also the perfectionist in me looks at these photos and sees the bad lighting + all the blurry ones because I have no photography skills and just wants to throw them all out. But alas here they are. I know I will cherish them someday and maybe I will perfect the baby pictures with #3. END RANT

Adele turned 9 months old on October 28th. She had her 9 month checkup a few days ago and weighed 23lbs 10oz (99th %) and was 27.5 inches (46th%).  So yeah she is our chunky little girl still, but at least she is on the charts now! Finding clothes that fit her is a nightmare challenge. So she usually has clothes with pants and sleeves rolled up. She wears size 6 diapers, mostly just for convenience since that is the size E wears and they fit on Adele too. She wears cloth diapers at home and is wearing a Bumgenius pocket diaper in these photos in case anyone is wondering. 

Adele is so mobile now! This past month she starting crawling for real. She had been doing her belly scooting since 5 months, but now crawls on all fours. It is adorable, I love the crawling stage. She also started pulling up on furniture and will slowly cruise on furniture now. I am in no hurry for her to walk but based on her progress I think she will be walking around 12 months like Esther. 

Adele's sleep is about the same as before, except she usually takes two naps a day now. She will wake up at 7am, nap at 9 or 10, then a second nap at 2ish, then bedtime at 7pm. During the night she wakes up pretty often, mostly due to teething. If not teething she will usually wake up at 11pm and 4 or 5 am for nursing. 

She was a little cranky girl during these photos. Not pictured are all the ones she was either screaming or had red eyes from screaming. 

Adele loves to go outside, ride in the carrier, take baths, play with Esther, and loooooooves solid foods. There has literally never been a food she won't eat. She mostly eats finger foods now and has a great pincer grasp. She loves fruit and meats the most. She got 3 teeth within a couple of weeks, two on bottom and one on top. I joked with Leland we should have made her a witch for Halloween with that snaggle tooth she has going on. 

She doesn't like riding in the car, or being made to sit still. She is super sensitive just like Esther was at this age and will cry if we reprimand her for anything, like biting us. She doesn't really have very much stranger anxiety but  I have never really left her with anyone yet. But really Adele is such a sweet and generally happy girl. We love you little sister! 

Images by Freepik