Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday Thoughts

So I haven't blogged in a bit for two reasons. 1. We have just been sick and hanging out at home and going to parks with nothing too exciting going on. 2. I am trying to finish my blog photo book/family year book before Christmas and it is slow going. I love having the books so I know it will be worth it but man I take a lot of pictures to sort through ha. I feel like I've written about this like 5 times and I probably have but it is a huge project! I have quite a few posts that I have in mind for the blog though so stay tuned!

Right now is like the calm before the storm because on Tuesday we leave for my parents for Thanksgiving, then we have tons of things going on after that like Ward christmas parties, Work christmas parties, and all the other fun events around the holidays. It will be fun, just busy!

Esther is so excited for Christmas, We've been teaching her about Santa and when she asks for something I always say "maybe Santa will bring it for me." So lately she's been saying "I want Christmas to bring me a slide!" haha she is a little confused but it's cute. She keeps saying she wants to "make Christmas" which I think means setting up the tree.  I've been a mean mom and have said we have to wait though. I just know it will be a month long task of keeping Adele away from it so I'm not super eager to set it up this year. #grinch She also has been asking when we are going to Grandma's for Thanksgiving about every 2 hours for the past 5 days lol.

Also I don't want to jinx it, but after 2.75 years Esther is finally sleeping through the night most of the time! She finally got all her teeth in so I think that's what  changed. And we got her a special kitty night light and told her she has kitty at night so she doesn't need to wake us up :) We shall see if it lasts. 

Adele is getting so big lately. She cruises all over and is into everything. This has caused a lot of sibling rivalry between her and Esther. Esther gets so mad when Adele steals her toys or whatnot. We are working on it, but Esther never used to be that bothered by her before now. I just want them to be best friends!


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