Friday, November 4, 2016

All Esther

Esther has been talking so much lately. I can't get over all the new words and phrases she uses. Here are some of the funny/cute things she has said the past few weeks. 

The understatement of the year after she had a #2 accident
E: "Silly Esther, silly Esther, no pooping in pants"

She was playing with fuzzy in a basket
Me: Is this fuzzy's crib?
E: No, it's a basket.
A little while later and I had forgotten about the earlier conversation
Me: Oh, you're putting fuzzy in her bed?
E: No, it's not a bed, it's a basket!

After she tooted
Me: Esther what do you say?
E: Excuse me my toots, just like Dada, toots just like Dada

Me: So now the question is. which park are we going to go to?
Esther: Witch park? No witch park!

Me: Soon it will be time for bed.
Esther: I don't want to go to bed, I want to stay here with my friends! ( Friends meaning me and Leland :))

Esther talking in her sleep: "Oh No! Baby eating my legos!"

After seeing Leland lick his bowl
E: (sigh) Oh Dada, oh Dada

After she stepped in a giant mud puddle and I reprimanded her.
E: It's ok, just be happy, just be happy Mama. 

Anytime I tell her anything she doesn't like to hear
E: I don't understand

And anytime I discipline her she breaks my heart with this little phrase
"Please don't be mad at me Mama"

Playing with her Dumbo
E: Just look at those cheeks, look at his cheeks!
Ha I guess she pays a lot of attention to what people say about Adele at the grocery store!

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