Sunday, April 24, 2016

Adele's Blessing Day

Today was Adele's blessing day. We arranged to have it when Leland's mom would be in Utah and it worked out great. Since we don't have room in our apartment we had a lunch with all of our family at a nearby park afterwards. Besides being a little chilly/windy everything went great. I was stressing the night before but as usual I was worried for nothing ;). Leland gave Adele a great blessing and it really made me feel happy and relaxed for the rest of the day. I am so grateful for Leland, Esther and Adele and the future children to come, as was mentioned in the blessing. :) Here are all the pictures we took today. And here is the post I did about Esther's blessing day. (Esther was two months old at the time of her blessing and Adele is almost three months.) 

2 Year Old Esther

Here is a little (long) video where I tried to capture Esther as she is at 2
 She mostly just ignored my questions haha but it's pretty accurate for how she is on a regular basis :)

2 year old Esther from Courtney Hunt on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

4 Things for Friday

1. Last weekend we went hiking with some of Leland's co-workers. This was a supposedly easy hike so we decided to go with the girls. Holy cow it was not easy haha. I am pretty out of shape, but still we were hiking up a steep stream and both trying not to slip since we were carrying the babies. It was a good workout though. The company Leland works for is doing an initiative to try and get the employees to do 20 hikes before labor day. I'm thinking us girls will be sitting most of them out from now on haha. This hike was Ferguson Canyon in Cottonwood Heights. 

2. Look at this smiley girl with all her chub! We are getting ready for her blessing day this Sunday and praying we don't get rained on! She is such a sweet little girl who just goes with the flow. I can't believe she will be 3 months old next week! :'(

3. Some of Esther's recent quotes:

**Leland puts a dish in the sink**
Esther: Good job Dada!

Me: Esther, what is your baby's name?
Esther: Toots!

**Whenever Loki scratches or bites her (She almost always is hurting him first...)
Esther: Mama, Loti hurt you! No No Loti!

Also whenever we are watching a show or reading a book she is always the main character. She will point and say "There Esther". 

4. So I've been trying to spend less time on the internet and more time reading lately. I just finished reading These is My Words By Nancy Turner. How had I never heard of this book before? Anyone who knows me knows I love a good pioneer book :) I loved this book and I am still thinking about it a few weeks later. It made me realize that the things that we worry about today with our kids usually aren't all that important. Like wondering if they have good self esteem or if they know all their shapes before preschool. Back then they were just worried about if their kids had enough food and would live to see adulthood. It made my mama heart so sad whenever the kids would die. It made me thankful for all the pioneers went through and so glad for all the modern medicine and technology we have today. 

p.s. Adele is soooo smiley! I really need to take her to get her pictures taken while she is still such a good photo subject :) 

Monday, April 11, 2016


It's been a little while since I've blogged. It's because not much has been going on the past few weeks, well I guess there has been stuff going on I've just been too lazy to document it. So here is a little update.
  • To move or not to move: Our lease is up at the end of June and they are raising our rent if we decide to stay (so lame). So we've debated trying to buy a house and after looking for a while we decided we will just stay here another year. We don't have a ton of space in this apartment but we fit just fine. We have moved every summer for the past 3 years. I am so tired of moving that I'll gladly stay here just to avoid the hassel/stress for another year. 
  • Life with two kids: This picture captures my life right now perfectly. Nursing while reading or watching tv with Esther. I still think of myself as new mom even though Esther is two now. I still feel like I'm adjusting to taking care of someone else all.the.time. I feel like I'm handling things pretty well with two kids but it is hard whether you have one kid or five. I found this article on facebook and it describes my life perfectly This is Why Parents Are More Exhausted Than You Think They Should Be. Especially the part about how they never sleep through the night. Ever. And about binge watching netflix with your husband until 2am. Our life to a T. 
  • I still love them though! They teach me so much about loving and serving and growing. Someone once said that with each child they had they became a little bit better of a person and I feel that way too. I am already infinitely more patient and less selfish than when I first had Esther. At this rate it will only take about 5 more kids until I'm perfect ;) Just look at those cute little faces: 

  • Leland: Leland loves his job. He rides his bike there everyday now that the weather is warm. It's only about a mile away so I don't worry too much. He just passed on of his actuary exams so he has been able to take a break from studying for a while. But now he has started studying for the next one. So maybe I'll have more time to blog now. He is a great dad and so helpful with Esther and Adele. The other day he gave Adele her first bottle. She took it but didn't love it.  

  • Esther: Esther is a hoot these days. She says some pretty funny things. Like during conference she saw the choir singing and kept calling them mermaids haha. I guess singing=mermaids in her mind. She picks up words so quickly and it always surprises me how much she is listening to our conversations. The other day my sister was on the phone and she said chick, Esther heard and started saying "chick cheep cheep". Esther loves to talk and will repeat the same thing over and over until I acknowledge what she's saying. She has also started loving her toys recently. She is suddenly so imaginative and will play by herself for 30 minutes or more at a time. It has made my life so much easier to not have to constantly entertain her. She is obsessed with elephants and they are usually part of any game she plays. As a result our house is a disaster most of the time with toys everywhere, but you win some you lose some.  She set up this little scene all by herself: 

  • Adele: Adele is just the sweetest smily-est little thing. She does get pretty cranky now when she's tired. Our old swing broke and it was a rough couple of days until we got a new one. Now she is back to napping peacefully 3 times a day. I know the swing is a habit we'll have to get rid of later on but for now it works so we're going with it. 

Images by Freepik