Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Day in the Life

It's been 6 months since our last day in the life post. These posts are really some of my favorites to look back on and get a little glimpse of what our lives were like at that point in time. So here is our day from yesterday, September 28th 2016. Esther is 2.5 and Adele is 8 months. 

7am; Adele wakes up. I stay in bed with her and try to sleep a little more until Esther drags me out of bed at 7:45. I start making pancakes (which I never do but Esther really wanted them). Then I pray with Leland and he leaves for work.

8;00: While the pancakes are cooking I change the girls out of their pajamas. Then we eat.

8:30 We finish breakfast, I clean off the girls, put the food away, then go get dressed. Meanwhile, Esther is begging to play outside so we go out for a walk. The day before Esther had been a little sick, but now she is acting fine so I guess she's not sick?

Doesn't seem like she's sick. 

9:15: We are back from the walk and I put on Little Bear for E. I nurse Adele and get her ready for nap.

9:20: I lay Adele in her crib and she babbles until she falls asleep. Esther is still watching Little Bear. I read my scriptures then check my phone for a little while.

9:40: I load the dishwasher and do the dishes. Little Bear is over so I pull out the legos for Esther to play with. I mop the bathroom floor. (The toilet overflowed the night before so this is a must do, not something I normally  get around to doing very often!).

10:15:I play legos with Esther off and on, rotate laundry, get ready for the day, then we play a matching game.

10;50: Adele wakes up, I change her diaper then we head to the library. 

11:50: We are home from the library and eat lunch.

12:20: Leland gets home for lunch. He watches Adele while I give Esther milk and rock her to sleep. Success. 

12:40: Leland goes back to work. I change A's diaper then nurse her and put her in the crib for nap. I watch Netflix while the girls nap.

1:50: Esther wakes up. We cuddle for a little while and she is acting sick again. I put on Little Bear for her while I start making the spaghetti sauce for dinner.

2:20: Adele wakes up. I put her on the floor to play and I keep making dinner. 

Esther is still watching her show. 

3:00pm: I am done with the sauce so I change Adele's diaper. Then we sit and read the books we got from the library.

3:30 We all need some fresh air so we go out for a walk around our apartment complex. 

3:50: We get back from our walk and I discover Esther has a slight fever. I put Alice and Wonderland on for her. I play with Adele and straighten up a little. 

4:15: Adele is acting tired, so I nurse her and put her in the crib. She goes to sleep. ( Some days she takes this third nap but she is close to dropping it). 

4:20: I check my phone while watching the movie with Esther. She gets tired of Alice in Wonderland so I put on Curious George. 

5:00: I go in to check on Adele and she wakes up. I put her on the floor to play and I make the noodles for spaghetti.

5:30: Leland gets home and we eat dinner. 

6:00: We are done with dinner and decide to walk to the store to get donuts for dessert. It is raining!

6:45: We get back home. I give Adele a bath while Leland plays with Esther. 

7:00: I get Adele in her pajamas and we read a few books. 

7:15pm: I nurse Adele and then put her in the crib for bed. She goes to sleep pretty quickly. Then I help Leland get Esther ready for bed. 

8:00 We lay Esther in her bed. She plays around in her room and we keep going in to put her back in bed. I take a quick shower, then I start uploading these pictures while Leland reads.

8:45: Esther is really not going to sleep so I go in and lay with her in her bed until she falls asleep.

9:00: Esther is finally asleep. I try to watch a show on Netflix but it isn't working. Leland fixes it for me and we watch Jane the Virgin. 

10:45: Our show is over so we get ready for bed.

11:00:  Adele wakes up, I feed her and then we go to sleep. 

3 something am: Esther wakes up so Leland goes to sleep with her in her room.

4:30am: Adele wakes up. I feed her and put her back in the crib. 

7:45am: I wake up for the day and it starts again :) 

Kudos to whoever read all the way until the end! Hopefully this post answers the question that I get a lot which is "What do you do all day?" Our days are pretty simple but I am grateful I'm able to stay home with my girls and be there for all of their little moments.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September Pictures

There hasn't been much going on around here lately. I haven't even taken any pictures with my real camera lately. But here are some phone pictures of things in September that I want to remember.

From the park this morning. Both girls were so cute and happy there. It was beautiful weather and finally felt like fall. Too bad both girls are now being terrors and refusing to nap :/

 Adele's little crack is always hanging out lol. Pants and disposable diapers don't really fit her haha.

Yesterday we went to Wheeler Farm. Esther loves it there and always has a blast. Yesterday I finally let her ride the cow train and she was thrilled. She was a little scared when I wasn't riding with her but I didn't want to pay for me and Adele too. She did good by herself and had fun though.

On Sunday Adele was napping before church and didn't want to wake up! I eventually had to wake her up but I snapped some cute sleeping pictures of her first. 

 Her little crossed feet. I die!

On Sunday morning we went on a drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon to see all the leaves. There weren't as many as I thought but it was still pretty.

 On Saturday I dressed the girls in their little matching outfits and they looked adorable!

Sometimes I take pics of Adele's feet while nursing her because they are just so cute.

Esther's fashion. Fuzzy strapped to her back, size 0-6M beanie, with a headband overtop.

So glad that we have another little girl to wear this sheep hat. I love it so much!

 Target finds:

 Esther loved riding this Dumbo at babies r us.

Last week when we went out for pizza. 

Esther at the dentist. She did so good!

From a few weeks ago, Adele with her Aunt Kel. 

 Sweet little sleepy face:

A couple weeks ago I took the girls to the mall by myself expecting a disaster like the last time I took them. They did great! It's amazing what a difference  6 months can make. 

Adele's first time in the car cart. Esther kept saying "Turn your wheel, baby!"

Images by Freepik