Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Day in the Life

It's been 6 months since our last day in the life post. These posts are really some of my favorites to look back on and get a little glimpse of what our lives were like at that point in time. So here is our day from yesterday, September 28th 2016. Esther is 2.5 and Adele is 8 months. 

7am; Adele wakes up. I stay in bed with her and try to sleep a little more until Esther drags me out of bed at 7:45. I start making pancakes (which I never do but Esther really wanted them). Then I pray with Leland and he leaves for work.

8;00: While the pancakes are cooking I change the girls out of their pajamas. Then we eat.

8:30 We finish breakfast, I clean off the girls, put the food away, then go get dressed. Meanwhile, Esther is begging to play outside so we go out for a walk. The day before Esther had been a little sick, but now she is acting fine so I guess she's not sick?

Doesn't seem like she's sick. 

9:15: We are back from the walk and I put on Little Bear for E. I nurse Adele and get her ready for nap.

9:20: I lay Adele in her crib and she babbles until she falls asleep. Esther is still watching Little Bear. I read my scriptures then check my phone for a little while.

9:40: I load the dishwasher and do the dishes. Little Bear is over so I pull out the legos for Esther to play with. I mop the bathroom floor. (The toilet overflowed the night before so this is a must do, not something I normally  get around to doing very often!).

10:15:I play legos with Esther off and on, rotate laundry, get ready for the day, then we play a matching game.

10;50: Adele wakes up, I change her diaper then we head to the library. 

11:50: We are home from the library and eat lunch.

12:20: Leland gets home for lunch. He watches Adele while I give Esther milk and rock her to sleep. Success. 

12:40: Leland goes back to work. I change A's diaper then nurse her and put her in the crib for nap. I watch Netflix while the girls nap.

1:50: Esther wakes up. We cuddle for a little while and she is acting sick again. I put on Little Bear for her while I start making the spaghetti sauce for dinner.

2:20: Adele wakes up. I put her on the floor to play and I keep making dinner. 

Esther is still watching her show. 

3:00pm: I am done with the sauce so I change Adele's diaper. Then we sit and read the books we got from the library.

3:30 We all need some fresh air so we go out for a walk around our apartment complex. 

3:50: We get back from our walk and I discover Esther has a slight fever. I put Alice and Wonderland on for her. I play with Adele and straighten up a little. 

4:15: Adele is acting tired, so I nurse her and put her in the crib. She goes to sleep. ( Some days she takes this third nap but she is close to dropping it). 

4:20: I check my phone while watching the movie with Esther. She gets tired of Alice in Wonderland so I put on Curious George. 

5:00: I go in to check on Adele and she wakes up. I put her on the floor to play and I make the noodles for spaghetti.

5:30: Leland gets home and we eat dinner. 

6:00: We are done with dinner and decide to walk to the store to get donuts for dessert. It is raining!

6:45: We get back home. I give Adele a bath while Leland plays with Esther. 

7:00: I get Adele in her pajamas and we read a few books. 

7:15pm: I nurse Adele and then put her in the crib for bed. She goes to sleep pretty quickly. Then I help Leland get Esther ready for bed. 

8:00 We lay Esther in her bed. She plays around in her room and we keep going in to put her back in bed. I take a quick shower, then I start uploading these pictures while Leland reads.

8:45: Esther is really not going to sleep so I go in and lay with her in her bed until she falls asleep.

9:00: Esther is finally asleep. I try to watch a show on Netflix but it isn't working. Leland fixes it for me and we watch Jane the Virgin. 

10:45: Our show is over so we get ready for bed.

11:00:  Adele wakes up, I feed her and then we go to sleep. 

3 something am: Esther wakes up so Leland goes to sleep with her in her room.

4:30am: Adele wakes up. I feed her and put her back in the crib. 

7:45am: I wake up for the day and it starts again :) 

Kudos to whoever read all the way until the end! Hopefully this post answers the question that I get a lot which is "What do you do all day?" Our days are pretty simple but I am grateful I'm able to stay home with my girls and be there for all of their little moments.

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