Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September Pictures

There hasn't been much going on around here lately. I haven't even taken any pictures with my real camera lately. But here are some phone pictures of things in September that I want to remember.

From the park this morning. Both girls were so cute and happy there. It was beautiful weather and finally felt like fall. Too bad both girls are now being terrors and refusing to nap :/

 Adele's little crack is always hanging out lol. Pants and disposable diapers don't really fit her haha.

Yesterday we went to Wheeler Farm. Esther loves it there and always has a blast. Yesterday I finally let her ride the cow train and she was thrilled. She was a little scared when I wasn't riding with her but I didn't want to pay for me and Adele too. She did good by herself and had fun though.

On Sunday Adele was napping before church and didn't want to wake up! I eventually had to wake her up but I snapped some cute sleeping pictures of her first. 

 Her little crossed feet. I die!

On Sunday morning we went on a drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon to see all the leaves. There weren't as many as I thought but it was still pretty.

 On Saturday I dressed the girls in their little matching outfits and they looked adorable!

Sometimes I take pics of Adele's feet while nursing her because they are just so cute.

Esther's fashion. Fuzzy strapped to her back, size 0-6M beanie, with a headband overtop.

So glad that we have another little girl to wear this sheep hat. I love it so much!

 Target finds:

 Esther loved riding this Dumbo at babies r us.

Last week when we went out for pizza. 

Esther at the dentist. She did so good!

From a few weeks ago, Adele with her Aunt Kel. 

 Sweet little sleepy face:

A couple weeks ago I took the girls to the mall by myself expecting a disaster like the last time I took them. They did great! It's amazing what a difference  6 months can make. 

Adele's first time in the car cart. Esther kept saying "Turn your wheel, baby!"

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