Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Esther at 2.5

Esther turned two and a half this weekend. She is so big and grown up now! I can't believe how much she talks and understands. I thought I would do a little (big) update on her since it has been a while. 

Esther hasn't been to the Dr since her 2 year well check (hooray for not being sick.) But I'd guess she is 37 inches and 33lbs. She is still very big for her age and people usually think she is older. She can fit in some 2T clothes but mostly wears 3T and 4T. She still rides rear facing in her car seat and doesn't seem to mind it so we will keep her that way a little longer. 

Esther is very friendly and outgoing. She really loves to be around people. She loves nursery and is obsessed with playing with friends, even if they are just strangers at the park. One of the things I love about her is how much she loves people. She has a way of making everyone feel so important and like they are her best friend. I hope she keeps that trait as she gets older.  

Esther still loves her fuzzy and plays with it the most of all her toys. Lately she has kind of been in a rut and not wanting to play with toys unless I am playing with her. Hopefully she will get over that soon. She is getting more into activities like play dough and other crafts now.  She is obsessed (read:addicted) with watching shows and movies. I think she takes after Leland in this department because I have never been a big movie or tv show watcher. Esther's favorites are Little Bear, Super Why, Caillou, Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street. Her favorite movies are Up, Dumbo, Cinderella, and Monster's Inc. 

The one thing that Esther likes more than movies is playing outside. She loves to go to the park, climb trees (with help) and find sticks and rocks. She would rather find rocks and pine cones than ride her scooter or draw with chalk. I am so looking forward to the day when we have a yard so I can just let her play outside to her heart's content. 

Esther is a good big sister and generally gets along with Adele. Sometimes she is a little too rough, or gets mad at her when she takes what Esther is holding. But for the most part she loves Adele and is eager to include her in whatever she is doing. 

Esther now can count to about 15 without help. She can't quite sing the abc's yet but she is getting there. She has started singing songs and sings the cutest little rendition of "I am a Child of God". She loves reading books and has started to be able to follow us telling her a story without a physical book. But usually only if it is a story she is familiar with. She learns so many new words everyday and is always repeating everything we say. She has recently started saying "what the heck" thanks to Leland haha. She also has taken to calling me Courtney sometimes after hearing my family call me that haha. 

Here are some of her other funny quotes lately:

E: *feeling my face* "it's so bouncy"
Me: is your face bouncy?
E: No, Esther's face fluffy

After trying to go #2
Kylee: Where is the poopoo?
E: It's hiding in my bumbum

When I kept opening and closing the fridge
Esther: Mama, what are you looking for?

When Adele was randomly laughing
Esther: What's so funny baby?

 Her praying stance haha

 Esther, like all toddlers really thrives on routine. We have had the same bedtime routine since she was a baby and she is adamant that we never deviate from it. Recently we started doing a morning routine with a chart that she crosses off each task as we do it. We have only been doing it a few days and it has already made our mornings so much easier.

We are still figuring out sleep with Esther. She is outgrowing her naps. On days when she doesn't nap she will be so ready for bed at 7 and fall asleep really easily. But that makes it hard if we are going somewhere in the evening and can't put her to bed at 7. On days where I know she will be up past her bedtime I have her nap by rocking her to sleep around 1pm and she will sleep until 2:30 or 3. On days when she naps she wants to play at bedtime and doesn't go to sleep until 9 or 10. Or 11 on hard nights 😖. No matter what she is usually up at 7 or 8. She still wakes up a lot at night so Leland usually takes her back to bed and ends up falling asleep there. It's not a big deal to me as it once was. I've just accepted that kids wake up at night and when we have more kids we plan to let them sleep on the floor in our room when they wake up at night. I have also implemented quiet time with Esther. On days she doesn't nap I put her in her room and set the timer for 30 or 60 minutes depending on the day. She plays with toys, books or puzzles (but no electronics) until the timer goes off. It is a nice little break for both of us. She usually doesn't resist because she is so happy I'm not forcing her to nap lol.

Potty Training: Esther is offically all potty trained now! (as much as can be for a 2.5 year old.) She did so good on our trip down to my parents. She told me every time she had to go and didn't have any accidents on the drive there or back. She is good at going on potty's in public now and she will usually go #2 on the potty too, but we have to be watching closely for her signals. She still wears diapers at night and probably will for a while. I am so happy that she is out of diapers, It is so nice to save the money and have a little more freedom (Ikea childcare here we come ;). 

Esther definitely still has her stubborn and sassy streak. Though her tantrums don't seem to be as bad as they used to be. Probably because now she is open to bribery ha. I am still learning patience with her as she challenges me everyday, but I love being her mom and she really is such a sweet little girl. 

A few more pics:

Esther was so happy when I made her and fuzzy matching crowns and bracelets out of paper. 

Esther is starting to become obsessed with princesses. She wanted a braid like a princess. Good thing she is easily pleased haha. 

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