Tuesday, June 30, 2015

10 Weeks with #2

These past couple weeks have been going by quickly. Around week 9 seemed to be the peak of my morning sickness. I was throwing up multiple times, but then it mostly stopped. Now as long as I eat right when I wake up I feel ok. I don't know why the sudden change, maybe because I switched my prenatal vitamin? Anyways I'm glad.

Baby is doing great. I got a little worried because I was having a lot of cramping for a couple days so I went in for an early ultrasound. The confirmed my due date and I got to see the baby's heartbeat. We also had our regular appointment on Monday. We got another ultrasound and everything still looks great. This time Leland was able to be there and see the baby. Thank goodness he was there because Esther kept darting away, or opening the cupboards and drawers any chance she could get. Hopefully I'll be able to find someone to watch her for future appointments. We really like our doctor. She is happy to let me try for a vbac so hopefully things will go better with this birth. 

I got some of my maternity clothes out this past week, and got some new ones too. I have started wearing a few things, but most of my pants are stretchy enough that they still fit easily. 

Pregnancy the second time around seems to be slightly easier. With Esther I had no idea what I was in for. This time I feel like I know a little bit what is going on and it's a little easier to manage. We won't find out for a while what we're having, but I feel like this baby is another girl. I guess we'll see. 

Silver Lake

Last night for fhe we completed one item on our summer bucket list, going on a hike in Big Cottonwood canyon. I had been here once before a few years ago. It is a very family friendly "hike". As you can see it's basically a board walk all the way around. It was nice to be out in nature and away from the 100 degree heat. We also had fun testing out our ergo that I found at kid to kid for only $30 :)

Esther was much happier whenever we let her walk, but she likes the carrier too whenever she gets tired. She likes being on Leland's shoulders best of all though. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day

Father's Day this year landed on my birthday. It was interesting but fun that Leland and I got to give each other presents on the same day for different reasons.

Leland was nice enough to let me sleep in that day, then we had 11 o'clock church. At church Leland got a candy bar and trail mix. He was very excited haha. Then Esther and I gave him his favorite movie, Interstellar, on blu ray. As well as a lot of candy and treats. Later that night we watched Interstellar together (which is probably my greatest gift to him because it is a 3 hour movie...)

I am so grateful to be married to Leland. He is an amazing dad to Esther. He is always willing to play with her, feed her, and even change all the poopy diapers. Watching them together is so cute. I predict that Esther will soon be a total Daddy's girl. We both love you Leland!

Monday, June 22, 2015


On Sunday I had my 22nd birthday. It's crazy to think that I'm 22. I feel much older haha. We celebrated on Saturday by going to aquarium. It was our first time there and it was a lot of fun. Esther was so into all the fish and animals. Leland and I enjoyed looking at all of them as well.  

She was very concerned about this giant shark mouth. 

Leland and Esther both loved the river fish. 

Esther was much more interested in these fake penguins than the real ones (which were just standing around). 

Esther's favorite fish, it was about 6 inches long. 

After the aquarium we went out to dinner and looked around the mall a little. Then on Sunday we had cheesecake that I choose for my cake. It was just the three of us but fun none the less :)

I had a really great day! It was fun to have my birthday on Father's Day so that I could repay Leland for all the nice things he did for me. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

At the Farm

Since we've moved I've been trying to find new places to take Esther. We've already hit up the library, a few parks and our apartment pool. A few days ago we took a trip to a local farm/park. It is part of the parks program here so it is free to get in! It is called Wheeler Historic Farm. There were so many cute animals there and Esther loved seeing them all. It was super hot. Almost all of the animals were in the shade so it was hard to see them, but we still had fun. We didn't get to see everything so we'll have to go again with Leland :)

Esther loved seeing the ducks, of course. 

 These little calves were adorable. 

Esther was very excited to see all the animals. 

When we saw the sheep she started saying "baaa baaaa" it was pretty funny. I guess she does pick some things up that I try to teach her. 

The horse was the only animal that Esther wanted to pet. She kept reaching over the fence haha. 

These little chicks may have been scarred for life when Esther kept pounding on their cage. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

8 Weeks with #2

So, we are expecting baby #2! We havent announced it yet, but I wanted to document these early weeks too! But I won't be posting until we announce at 12 weeks, assuming that everything goes well. When we do announce I will write more about how we decided it was time for baby #2, it's quite the story :)

So I originally wrote one of these bad boys for 6 weeks but it got deleted, so maybe I'll get around to rewriting that, maybe not...

Anyways. This pregnancy already seems much different than my pregnancy with Esther. For one thing I am so tired!!!!! I never really noticed much fatigue with Esther, probably because I slept as much as I wanted everyday. This time the tiredness has really been hitting me right from the beginning. It was especially bad when I was still working late nights. Since I quit I have felt a little better. Luckily Esther is a pretty consistent napper so I can usually sneak in a nap if I need to.

Another thing that is different about this pregnancy is the nausea. With Esther I was throwing up multiple times a day by this point, but it was always gone by 2 or 3pm. This time there has been no barfing (yet, knock on wood), but I do feel pretty nauseated in the mornings, and it sticks around all day unless I am eating very frequently. Which I guess is how typical morning sickness is. Anyways, that has me thinking that maybe this little one is a boy. 

I also feel like I am already showing, majorly. Not that I had the flattest belly to begin with, but I had lost (almost) all the baby weight with Esther, and I haven't gained any weight so far this pregnancy. So where is this belly coming from? Twins? 

I am really looking forward to our first Dr.'s appointment at 10 weeks. We have a new Dr. and a new hospital this time around, but I tried to research the best Dr. for a vbac, so we'll be discussing that at our appointment, and hopefully she is all for it. We are also excited/anxious to hear our little one's heartbeat :)

Downata Hot Springs

This post is late, but a few weeks ago we went to a little family reunion at Downata Hot Springs in Idaho. We decided not to spend the night, but went to Kylee's house in Logan and slept there instead. 

We had a fun time seeing family and Esther loved being outside so much. She had fun collecting rocks and playing in the sand. 

The pool there is really warm because of the hot springs. Esther took some time to get used to it but once she did she had fun playing on the little splash pad and swimming in the water

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Bucket List (and Pictures from Today)

Leland and I always talk about stuff we want to do, but most the time we never actually get around to doing them! So I wanted to make a little bucket list for this summer, so we can remember the things we want to do when a weekend comes up and we have nothing planned. 


+ Go to temple square-we've been talking about this forever, the last time we went was Christmas and we live so close now.

+ Go to a farmer's market

+ Go camping-we have wanted to do this forever, but now with Esther things are a little trickier, who knows if she would sleep at all, but we are so close to a lot of fun canyons now that it would be a little more doable. Which leads to...

+Go on a hike in big/little cottonwood canyon-I have been to each a couple times but Leland never has to I really want to take him!

+Have S'mores

+ Go swimming-our apartment complex has a pool so I anticipate a lot of swimming this summer :)

+ Watch fireworks-I am sure we will see fireworks on the 4th. Last year Esther was pretty tiny so it will be fun to see her reaction this year.

+ Go on a picnic

+Go to the beach-We have a trip planned to Texas next month and we are both so excited to take Esther to the beach!

Also some pictures from our (me + Esther) trip to the park today. We are starting to venture out and explore things in our new city. 

Her love of water bottles.

Stopping for some hydration.

How most of my pictures of her turn out-her running away. 

I love how she always runs with her hands in the air. 

Little cutie, she is so much fun :)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Moving Day

Esther loved playing with this swing that I got out of storage when we moved. 

Yesterday we moved from our apartment in Provo to a new apartment near Salt Lake City. I was a little sad to leave our old apartment, it was a good place for us. I am also a little sad to leave  Provo where I've lived for the past four years (minus six months in Austin). But I am also excited to live in a new place, and only a mile from Leland's new job. Leland is especially excited because we live really close to a few of his mission areas. And he doesn't have to commute for 2+ hours a day anymore ☺.

Moving is always a big hassle, bit out didn't seem quite so bad this time. My family was nice enough to drive up and help us move. We still have a lot of unpacking to do, which I'm not looking forward too. I am looking forward to living so close to an IKEA. Once I get things in order and semi decent there may be a virtual tour in the future. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Esther @ (almost) 15 months

Yes, another update about Esther full of lots of pictures, which is probably only interesting to me, but oh well. It has to be documented. 

I feel like Esther has changed so much the past couple of months. She is a full blown toddler now and she makes it known. She is getting so much better at communicating and can now say "Mama, Dada, backpack (she learned from Dora), kitty, duck-duck, all done, baby, ball, no, wow (whenever she falls down she says wow wow wow haha). She also says "what's that?" and "what's this?" for everything. Except it sounds more like "ut dat" and "ut dis". Her baby talk is so cute. She is constantly jabbering in her little language and we are lucky if we can pick out a few words. There are more words that she says only once and then we never hear again, so far chair, milky and more I'm sure I'm forgetting. She also finally signs "all done" and waves bye bye consistently. 

She loves reading so much. She has always loved books but now it's at a whole new level. She will go pull a book off the shelf, then walk over to us and back herself into our laps so we'll read it to her. She has a lot of favorite books, but won't listen to anything that has too many words per page. 

She is still a pretty good eater, though she goes through phases where she doesn't want as much. Her favorites are cheese, fruit, berries and tortillas. She still eats a lot of purees because it's the only way she will eat her vegetables. Her 7th tooth barely broke through so she is a little behind in the teeth department, but it's fine by me. 

We still haven't weaned (or night weaned for that matter). But I tell myself once we get the move over with we will work on that. I am ready to be done, but she isn't, so it's a hard decision. But I think 15 months is plenty long enough. We'll see what happens though. 

She still wakes up a lot at night, usually from because she's cold, or from teething, or because she didn't take proper naps the day before. If she doesn't get two solid naps her night sleep suffers. I've just gotten used to  her never ending night waking. Just when I had given up on her ever sleeping through the night she slept 10 hours, then nursed and went back to sleep for 3 more hours! It was great. I am really hoping it happens again tonight. 

She loves climbing and has learned to climb on chairs and up to the table, as evidenced below. Luckily she hasn't learned how to move the chairs yet, once she does we're really in trouble. 

I love it whenever she falls asleep anywhere but her crib. I always have to take a picture. 

We love out little Esther the explorer :)

Images by Freepik