Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Esther @ (almost) 15 months

Yes, another update about Esther full of lots of pictures, which is probably only interesting to me, but oh well. It has to be documented. 

I feel like Esther has changed so much the past couple of months. She is a full blown toddler now and she makes it known. She is getting so much better at communicating and can now say "Mama, Dada, backpack (she learned from Dora), kitty, duck-duck, all done, baby, ball, no, wow (whenever she falls down she says wow wow wow haha). She also says "what's that?" and "what's this?" for everything. Except it sounds more like "ut dat" and "ut dis". Her baby talk is so cute. She is constantly jabbering in her little language and we are lucky if we can pick out a few words. There are more words that she says only once and then we never hear again, so far chair, milky and more I'm sure I'm forgetting. She also finally signs "all done" and waves bye bye consistently. 

She loves reading so much. She has always loved books but now it's at a whole new level. She will go pull a book off the shelf, then walk over to us and back herself into our laps so we'll read it to her. She has a lot of favorite books, but won't listen to anything that has too many words per page. 

She is still a pretty good eater, though she goes through phases where she doesn't want as much. Her favorites are cheese, fruit, berries and tortillas. She still eats a lot of purees because it's the only way she will eat her vegetables. Her 7th tooth barely broke through so she is a little behind in the teeth department, but it's fine by me. 

We still haven't weaned (or night weaned for that matter). But I tell myself once we get the move over with we will work on that. I am ready to be done, but she isn't, so it's a hard decision. But I think 15 months is plenty long enough. We'll see what happens though. 

She still wakes up a lot at night, usually from because she's cold, or from teething, or because she didn't take proper naps the day before. If she doesn't get two solid naps her night sleep suffers. I've just gotten used to  her never ending night waking. Just when I had given up on her ever sleeping through the night she slept 10 hours, then nursed and went back to sleep for 3 more hours! It was great. I am really hoping it happens again tonight. 

She loves climbing and has learned to climb on chairs and up to the table, as evidenced below. Luckily she hasn't learned how to move the chairs yet, once she does we're really in trouble. 

I love it whenever she falls asleep anywhere but her crib. I always have to take a picture. 

We love out little Esther the explorer :)

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