Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day

Father's Day this year landed on my birthday. It was interesting but fun that Leland and I got to give each other presents on the same day for different reasons.

Leland was nice enough to let me sleep in that day, then we had 11 o'clock church. At church Leland got a candy bar and trail mix. He was very excited haha. Then Esther and I gave him his favorite movie, Interstellar, on blu ray. As well as a lot of candy and treats. Later that night we watched Interstellar together (which is probably my greatest gift to him because it is a 3 hour movie...)

I am so grateful to be married to Leland. He is an amazing dad to Esther. He is always willing to play with her, feed her, and even change all the poopy diapers. Watching them together is so cute. I predict that Esther will soon be a total Daddy's girl. We both love you Leland!

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