Friday, June 19, 2015

At the Farm

Since we've moved I've been trying to find new places to take Esther. We've already hit up the library, a few parks and our apartment pool. A few days ago we took a trip to a local farm/park. It is part of the parks program here so it is free to get in! It is called Wheeler Historic Farm. There were so many cute animals there and Esther loved seeing them all. It was super hot. Almost all of the animals were in the shade so it was hard to see them, but we still had fun. We didn't get to see everything so we'll have to go again with Leland :)

Esther loved seeing the ducks, of course. 

 These little calves were adorable. 

Esther was very excited to see all the animals. 

When we saw the sheep she started saying "baaa baaaa" it was pretty funny. I guess she does pick some things up that I try to teach her. 

The horse was the only animal that Esther wanted to pet. She kept reaching over the fence haha. 

These little chicks may have been scarred for life when Esther kept pounding on their cage. 

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