Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Bucket List (and Pictures from Today)

Leland and I always talk about stuff we want to do, but most the time we never actually get around to doing them! So I wanted to make a little bucket list for this summer, so we can remember the things we want to do when a weekend comes up and we have nothing planned. 


+ Go to temple square-we've been talking about this forever, the last time we went was Christmas and we live so close now.

+ Go to a farmer's market

+ Go camping-we have wanted to do this forever, but now with Esther things are a little trickier, who knows if she would sleep at all, but we are so close to a lot of fun canyons now that it would be a little more doable. Which leads to...

+Go on a hike in big/little cottonwood canyon-I have been to each a couple times but Leland never has to I really want to take him!

+Have S'mores

+ Go swimming-our apartment complex has a pool so I anticipate a lot of swimming this summer :)

+ Watch fireworks-I am sure we will see fireworks on the 4th. Last year Esther was pretty tiny so it will be fun to see her reaction this year.

+ Go on a picnic

+Go to the beach-We have a trip planned to Texas next month and we are both so excited to take Esther to the beach!

Also some pictures from our (me + Esther) trip to the park today. We are starting to venture out and explore things in our new city. 

Her love of water bottles.

Stopping for some hydration.

How most of my pictures of her turn out-her running away. 

I love how she always runs with her hands in the air. 

Little cutie, she is so much fun :)

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