Sunday, June 14, 2015

8 Weeks with #2

So, we are expecting baby #2! We havent announced it yet, but I wanted to document these early weeks too! But I won't be posting until we announce at 12 weeks, assuming that everything goes well. When we do announce I will write more about how we decided it was time for baby #2, it's quite the story :)

So I originally wrote one of these bad boys for 6 weeks but it got deleted, so maybe I'll get around to rewriting that, maybe not...

Anyways. This pregnancy already seems much different than my pregnancy with Esther. For one thing I am so tired!!!!! I never really noticed much fatigue with Esther, probably because I slept as much as I wanted everyday. This time the tiredness has really been hitting me right from the beginning. It was especially bad when I was still working late nights. Since I quit I have felt a little better. Luckily Esther is a pretty consistent napper so I can usually sneak in a nap if I need to.

Another thing that is different about this pregnancy is the nausea. With Esther I was throwing up multiple times a day by this point, but it was always gone by 2 or 3pm. This time there has been no barfing (yet, knock on wood), but I do feel pretty nauseated in the mornings, and it sticks around all day unless I am eating very frequently. Which I guess is how typical morning sickness is. Anyways, that has me thinking that maybe this little one is a boy. 

I also feel like I am already showing, majorly. Not that I had the flattest belly to begin with, but I had lost (almost) all the baby weight with Esther, and I haven't gained any weight so far this pregnancy. So where is this belly coming from? Twins? 

I am really looking forward to our first Dr.'s appointment at 10 weeks. We have a new Dr. and a new hospital this time around, but I tried to research the best Dr. for a vbac, so we'll be discussing that at our appointment, and hopefully she is all for it. We are also excited/anxious to hear our little one's heartbeat :)

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