Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

When I was a freshman at BYU I was a nanny to a little boy in Springville. They lived across the street from an awesome and free pumpkin patch. I would take him there all the time. So this year I was excited to take my own baby there. It has gotten a lot bigger but is still free, so that was great. They had a corn box (corn kernel sandbox), a lot of different animals to look at, a "haunted" walk-through, a hay maze, and a corn maze. The corn maze cost money so we didn't do that one, but we did all of the other things. 

A sheep, turkeys, a pig and a kangaroo. 

In the hay maze

A giant pig.

Esther preferred to look at the horse from a distance, he was really friendly. 

And an unrelated picture because she is just so happy in there. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Library

The Provo City Library

Ever since I was in elementary school I have loved reading. We would rarely buy books, but my mom would always drive us to the library. During the summer's she would sign us up for a reading program and we would go to the library every week. I continued the tradition after the summer was over, I was always begging my mom to drive me to the library, I loved reading so much that she would have to take away my books as a punishment haha. 

Once I got my license I would drive myself to the library and check out a huge stack of books almost every week. When I got to college I got pretty busy and would only read the occasional book, but I still got a library card so  I wouldn't have to buy anything. I love checking out new libraries and also got a card when we lived in Austin. 

When Esther was born I just took her right along with me for my weekly trips. Our old apartment was only 2 blocks from the library so I was in heaven. I started checking out books to read for Esther when she was about 2 weeks old.

Esther at about 2 months
She obviously didn't care about them that much at that age, but she did like looking at the pictures, and our pediatrician told us it's a good idea to read to babies from day one. Hopefully all this reading will make her love books as much as her mom!

 Now the walk to the library is a little farther, about a mile each way, but we still try to go each week and Esther loves it! She is starting to really like books, and she loves playing with the toys at the library.

Heading out to the library, notice the books in the background. 

I don't really know what the point of this post was, besides to say that I love reading and the library. And if you don't know what to do with your baby you should gets books from the library to read to them. 

One of my favorite blogs has tons of book recommendations. Her taste is great and I always have a huge list of books I want to read after reading her blog. Maybe soon I will copy one of her posts and write about the books that I've been reading lately.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This past week we took Esther to Lagoon. It actually wasn't her first time, two weeks before Leland's work had a company party there, but it was cold and we only stayed about 2 hours, so Esther spent most the time in the stroller and we didn't get any pictures. This time Leland won free tickets from a contest at work so we decided to take Esther and go again. I have a lot of memories of going to Lagoon when I was little, so I was excited to take Esther on all the rides that I went on as a baby/kid.

The first ride we went on was the carousel. We had to wake her up from a nap in the car and she wasn't happy about it. Here she is before the ride started:

And after the ride was over: 

Haha, she got really scared when the ride started moving, even though her animal didn't go up and down. (Also excuse the horrible pics in this post, they are all from my phone.)

Leland and I took turns going on a few rides, while the other person would push Esther around in the stroller. 

Then we put her on the baby boats. 

She liked those much better than the carousel. Though she was mostly interested in the seat belt, and halfway through she took of both her shoes and started eating them. At least she had fun haha. 

We then took her on the little baby tidal wave. She was so tiny on the bench in between us.

But she didn't cry at all on that one. 

Then after a long nap in the stroller, we took her on the train. 

Waiting in line...

What are you doing to me? 

Haha, despite her face she actually liked it. We are excited to take her next year when she will be able to go on more rides :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

7 Months Old

Another month has come and gone! Esther just gets cuter every month. 

This month she started eating lots of solid foods. She pretty much loves all fruits. She also likes sweet potatoes and tomatoes, but she isn't a huge fan of cereal or vegetables.

 She still nurses every 3-4 hours, sometimes more often when she is on a bad schedule for the day. She takes a bottle almost every night while I'm at work, and takes them so much easier now. She usually sleeps from about 8pm-8am, and wakes up 3 times to eat. 

This month she has started getting up on her hands and knees which is super adorable, but she isn't crawling or army crawling yet. She can scoot around a little, but luckily she still can't get very far. 

She weighs about 19 pounds and I would guess she is around 28 inches. She mostly wears size 12 month clothes, but she can fit into a few 9 month things when she is in a disposable diaper. She can also fit into a few 18 month things, but they are big on her. She still has no teeth and there is no sign of any coming in. Whenever she does seems like she's teething though she prefers to chew on fabric.

At 7 months she likes:
-going outside
-sitting up and playing with toys
-drinking out of cups or sippy cups
-being held
-songs like patty cake and itsy witsy spider
-being in water, even rain
-looking at animals
-looking in the mirror
-sitting in her high chair
-her jumper
-anything that is not meant to be a toy

At 7 months she doesn't like:
-laying on her back
-me trying to nurse her when she has better things to do
-foods with a lot of texture
-watching TV or videos

And for the out takes: 

Images by Freepik