Monday, July 31, 2017

Adele is 18 Months

 Thanks for all the sweet comments and messages after my last post. I really appreciated them and I'm grateful for all the support I've gotten during this trial. 

 Adele Genevieve is 18 months as of Friday. After sneaking into nursery for the past 2 months she is officially old enough now. She had her well check this morning and her stats were
height: 33 inches-90th percentile
weight: 25lbs 10oz-80th percentile
head: 18 inches- 50th percentile
I was surprised at how close she was to Esther's size at this age (here's the post). I am always a little concerned about her weight lately as she has only gained 4 pound in the past year! But she is still slowly gaining, and she is a good eater, just a very active toddler, so I'm guessing she will have slow weight gain from here on out.

Adele still loooooves breastfeeding. I am working on deciding when to wean her. My goal was 18 months and now that I've reached that I'm feeling a little bit done with it, but I know it is so healthy for her so I just don't know when we'll be done. Probably sometime in the next few months, but we'll see how lazy I'm feeling ha. She still eats table foods well but doesn't have the same enthusiasm for eating as she used to. She likes to stick to a plant based diet, as she loves fruits and vegetables, but doesn't like protein or grains as much. We also discovered she is sensitive to dairy (Esther was too but grew out of it), so that's another reason it's easier to just keep her on breast milk. 

Adele loves her baby Mimi. She takes her everywhere and sleeps with her every night. She also likes this big baby doll, but she's too heavy for her to carry around full time. It is nice that she is into the same toys as Esther now, legos, little people, barbies and books. She does really well listening to books and has her favorites that she demands we read to her on repeat ha. She also has a shoe obsession and loves any toy that has shoes. She is very particular about her own shoes too and lets me know which ones she doesn't approve of. 

So I have to brag a little about her talking, not that I have much to do with it, but she is very advanced at talking. Her Dr. said they expect most toddlers to have 10-15 words at 18 months, and Adele easily has 50+. I think it is partially because she has Esther talking to her all day, as well as myself, and she learns from the things I say to Esther. She is a pretty shy little girl though, so don't expect to hear any of them unless she is comfortable with out haha. 

She does well with sleeping, although she is still nursed or rocked to sleep she usually sleeps the entire night without waking up, unless she is teething. Which she usually is :) 

She loves Moana and Frozen. Her favorite show is this weird nursery rhyme thing on Netflix. Those are pretty much the only three things she will sit and watch, everything else she will wander off after 10 minutes, which is a little frustrating because Esther used to watch so much tv at this age and I could get so much done ha. Not so much with Adele, she isn't easily entertained and usually wants to be up in whatever I'm doing. Our house is a lot messier than it used to be because cleaning with her around is impossible, but I'm pretty good at letting that go ha. Just ask anyone who's come over in the past few months. 

Adele and Esther have a special relationship, although they fight all the time and I feel like I'm doing conflict resolution as a full time job, they do love each other. They will play together for longer stretches now and they love to be together. We will probably be moving them in the same bedroom in the next few months and I am a mostly nervous but a little excited because they love each other so much and always ask to sleep in the same bed. 


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