Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Esther @ 18 months

Today Esther had her 18 month checkup. She weighed 24 lbs 8 oz (70th percentile) and was 34 inches long, (95th percentile). She must have had a growth spurt recently because she seems so much taller than her last appointment. I'm also always telling Leland how heavy she feels to carry, and he agrees. She is our big girl!

Esther has definitely started into some naughtiness and stubbornness. She loves to push her boundaries. Things that she used to be OK with being off limits ( climbing on the table, running in the street) are now the funnest things ever. I am considering buying a leash for her because she thinks it's hilarious to run away from me. Also I am writing this on my phone because she spilled a giant cup of water on the laptop...

Even though she is quite naughty at this age she also has a lot of cuteness to her too. She laughs more than ever and loves to make us laugh also. She loves her baby doll. She wants it to come everywhere she is, including the bath, her highchair and in the car. She loves feeding it and washing it in the bath. Hopefully this means she'll make an easy transition to big sister. Also her baby doll must never be wearing clothes. If we try to put the diaper on it she rips it right off. Leland says she is living vicariously through her doll lol.

Her speech has really grown these last few weeks. She learns new words everyday, and it is so cute to see. She calls Ruby the dog "good girl" because that's what she hears everyone say haha. 

Esther is officially done with bottles. Now she has her milk in a sippy before bed. She is super attached to her binky and fuzzy and I don't see that changing anytime soon. She is finally down to one nap a day and is a pretty good sleeper.  She sleeps great in her crib so I don't want to change her to a toddler bed anytime soon. We may just need to invest in a second crib :)

I love being a mom to this sweet little girl. Even though it can be tedious, I'm glad I'm able to be home with her everyday. She pushes me to my limits some days, but at the end of the day when I'm rocking her before bed I'm so grateful that I'm the one that gets to take care of her and see her grow up. Love you little E :) 

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