Monday, September 21, 2015

22 Weeks with #2 + pregnancy projects

It's been a little while since I've done a pregnancy update, but not a lot has changed. We found out we are having a girl! And Leland has finally felt her move a few times! So those are the most exciting updates.

All sickness has been gone for a while so that is great. I honestly don't really even feel pregnant most days. I have had a hard time sleeping these past few days. But that's my only real "symptom". The days of sleeping on my back or stomach are officially over. I also have crazy dreams all the time but I'm used to that by now.

I don't really have many cravings this time around. Last time I gave into every craving and paid the price by gaining a ton. This time I am trying not to eat more than I need too. I hope to avoid sugar for the most part, but this is pretty much the worst time of year to do that so we'll see. The one sweet thing I do allow myself to have is honey and butter sandwiches. Just ask Leland, I am eating those all the time ;)

When we found out we are having another girl we bought a few outfits and things for her. Since we don't have much we need to buy my nesting has kicked in in other ways. We found a glider + ottoman at a thrift store for only $10. I was super excited since we didn't have one when Esther was born. I had grand plans to paint it and recover the cushions. I have since decided that this project is probably way above my skill set. Also we don't own a sewing machine. But I couldn't pass a deal like that up! So we've been using it as it is for Esther right now while I decide if I want to do something with it.

At the same thrift store we found a changing table for only $10. I plan to paint it and buy a new pad for it, but I am excited about this project too. It is a very long changing table so it will fit our long babies into toddlerhood. Leland is a little less enthusiastic about my projects (what's wrong with how they look now?) But even he couldn't pass up those awesome deals. Maybe I will do a little before and after post, at least for the changing table, as for the glider, anyone want to tackle that one for me? ;)

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