Thursday, September 3, 2015

It's a...

GIRL!!!! We are so excited. For a while I was sure it was a girl, then as the pregnancy went on I wasn't so sure anymore. But we are all happy that it is a girl. I am excited for Esther to have a little sister. I know they will have a lot of fun being so close in age. 

Esther is so hard to photograph these days. She is always moving and never wants to look at the camera. But luckily we got a couple good pics. 

We found out the gender yesterday at my 20 week anatomy scan . I really wanted to find out early but it turned out waiting wasn't as hard as I thought. Everything looked really good on the ultrasound. Baby girl was being so cute, yawning and kicking all over the place. We are so excited to meet you baby! :)


  1. 2 cute little girls! How exciting, congratulations!

  2. How exciting! Thanks for your comment on my blog...we have a lot in common :) I absolutely loved having my two boys back to back. Your girls will be best friends!


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