Monday, August 8, 2016

Lake Mary

On Saturday we did another hike. We were originally planning to do an easier one in Little Cottonwood Canyon, but it was closed for a bike race. So we drove over to Big Cottonwood Canyon and did this hike up at Brighton Ski Resort instead. It was much harder but I'm glad we did it. 

We saw a moose! It was hiding in the trees and I totally would not have seen it if other hikers hadn't pointed it out. It was really far away so I had to zoom to get this pic. Esther couldn't see it and loudly made it known that she couldn't haha. Luckily it wasn't scared away. 

So this hike takes you to three lakes. It was 1 mile and a 700 ft elevation gain to the first lake. I was so tired from carrying Esther on my back most of that way that I told Leland to go on to the other lakes and we would wait there for him. The lake was mostly drained so Esther had a fun time climbing on all the boulders and throwing rocks into the water. 

We got rained on just a bit. 

Adele likes riding in the carrier way more than Esther haha. Right after this pic she fell asleep.

Esther was so obsessed with the ski lift. After I told her it was what people ride to get to the top she kept saying "I want to ride it" or "Esther ride it" non stop the entire way back down. She was very whiney on this hike for some reason. After we got to the bottom I let her sit on it and she was finally satisfied haha. Maybe she will be a skier when she grows up. 

Esther also loved seeing all the prairie dogs (I think that's what they are?). Though Esther referred to them as mousies or hotdogs lol. 

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