Thursday, April 6, 2017

This Is The Place + General Conference

Last week we went to This is the Place Heritage Park with friends. The girls love it there! I had never been before  I started going with this friend and it is super fun. Esther loves the train ride and all the animals. They are doing baby animals right now, it is adorable. They had chicks, baby rabbits, baby goats and lambs and even some puppies. Esther loved riding the horse named Elsa, Last time she was really scared but this time she handled it like a champ. Esther also really loved looking for gold in the stream. 

This past weekend was General Conference. I made a lot of activities for the girls (mostly Esther) to do so we could watch in peace. All the hard work really paid off! Some of the activities we did were candy jars, a word train, coloring pages, temple blocks, puzzles, paper dolls, and other cutting and gluing activities, Esther was really good and we were able to watch all four sessions. Of course I didn't catch every word between kids needing attention, diaper changes, etc, but I was able to listen more than I have for the past couple of years. We were even able to have some kid level gospel discussions with Esther about the talks, I really want my kids to recognize the importance of the gospel and general conference and to not just see it as a chore. It seems we succeeded at least for now because afterwards Esther kept begging for more conference ha! Hopefully she keeps that great attitude :) 

The only 3 pictures I took from Conference ;)

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