Thursday, August 7, 2014

BYU Natural Science Museum

Since Tuesday is Leland's day off we usually try to do a fun activity/date. This week it was rainy so we decided to go to the new BYU Natural Science Museum (aka Bean Museum). It was the perfect activity because it only took about 45 minutes to walk through the whole thing, and it was completely free :)

They had a ton of different animals. Almost all of them were posed in some sort of attack position so that was interesting haha.

When we went to the zoo Leland was pretty disappointed that most of the animals were either sleeping or out of sight. I was glad he finally got to see some animals up close, even if they were no longer alive. His favorite was the liger, but sadly I only got a picture with my phone of that one.

Esther wasn't too sure about the whole thing. She mostly liked watching all the kids there running around. 

It was really interesting to see and learn about all these animals. We'll have to take Esther back when she's older and will enjoy it more. 

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