Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve Eve

These past two days we have been gearing up for Christmas, and I've been taking a bunch of photos, so naturally had I had share them all here, Yesterday was Christmas Eve Eve and Leland only had to work a half day. We went to up to Christmas Village in Ogden with Kylee and Chance then went skating with Cousin Jessica and Kris. 

Esther loved skating so much. It was a little exhausting holding her hand the whole time but I couldn't not enjoy it because she was having so much fun. 

Adele had fun waiting with Aunt Kris and looking at us through the glass.

Christmas Village was really pretty even though we were only there a short while. I liked seeing all the snow. After we ate yummy food at Costa Vida. 

These are a few pictures I took of the girls before we left. They are starting to really enjoy playing together now. Also Adele is walking now! She took her first steps earlier this week and by today she was taking 6 or so in a row! Such a big girl and not even 11 months old yet. She is so happy and proud when she does. She holds her hands above her head for balance ha.

Baby's first ponytail!

Today we just relaxed at home, wrapped presents, and watched The Polar Express with the girls. Esther loved it! 

Now the girls are both asleep, Santa has come and the presents are all under the tree. I can't wait for the girls to wake up and open them! Merry Christmas!

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