Monday, December 5, 2016

Ten Months Old

I have a little catching up to do on the blog. Adele turned ten months old on the 28th of November. These pictures were taken a few days later. Adele is so big!

She probably weighs about 25lbs now! But she is still a little shorty. She wears size 18 month clothes but they are always a little long. I love her little rolls and chub. Even though finding clothes are hard her baby fat is so adorable.

She has reached some major milestones this month. The first is that she will stand on her own now for about 10 seconds sometimes more. I know walking is just around the corner now!

Her next milestone is her words! She can say three words now, Dada, Mama and Hi. The first time she said Hi was at the store, a worker walked by and said "Hi" , then Adele said hi back and it was so adorable. Leland totally didn't believe me when I told him but he saw it for himself a few hours later. It is the cutest thing and I am constantly trying to get her to say it haha. Also related I have been doing some baby sign with her and she hasn't really picked up on it like Esther did at this age. I guess she prefers to say the words instead.

Adele has 4 teeth and loves to eat. She will eat everything and never throws food on the floor lol. If she doesn't want to eat it she just puts it in her mouth and holds it there without swallowing ha. She loves food so much, it is a sure way to get her to calm down. She is not a fan of being spoon fed but she loves all finger foods. She is still breastfed and nurses every 3-4 hours. She still doesn't take a bottle, but since she eats solid foods so well I've been able to start leaving her for longer periods of time, which has been good for me!

Adele is still a little rotten sleeper at night. I think part of the problem is having her in our room. A lot of times she wakes up just from us coming to bed or from Esther calling out for us over the baby monitor. Another reason I am so looking forward to getting a house. We plan to have her share a room with Esther eventually, once she is night weaned. 

Adele takes two naps per day and sleeps about 12 hours at night. She is our little early bird and always wakes up at 6:30 or 7. Esther usually sleeps in until 8 so it would be super nice if Adele would too ha. 

She is a social little girl, she loves people and only has minimal stranger anxiety. She loves to be up in whatever Esther is playing with, and she loves to climb on people if given the chance. She really has a sweet disposition and is generally happy unless we are trying to put her in her car seat. She still loves being worn and prefers it to the stroller but my back can only take that for so long so she has been in the stroller a little more often lately. Adele is growing up so fast, it seems like her babyhood is flying by. We sure love our Baby Dell!

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