Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christkindlmarkt SLC

Last weekend we went to This is the Place Heritage Park for their Chriskindlmarkt event. It was a little German festival with shops of homemade items for sale. There were a lot of cool things for sale and we tried a lot of samples. They also had free admission to the park that day.

There was a cabin with St. Nicholas inside. Esther was a little nervous but told him she wanted a slide for Christmas. Adele didn't cry like I thought she would. She just tried to pull his beard. 😂

 On the train. Esther loved the train.

 There was this cute little donkey on the other side of the corral. Esther really wanted to pet him so we called him over and he came. Esther kept saying "come here little dontee". She was so happy when he came over ha. It's the little things.

Esther loves sticking her head in these cutouts. I was dying when I saw this picture. It's a pretty accurate representation of me and her. 😂

We didn't end up staying very long because it was Adele's nap time, but I really want to go again next year so we can see everything. It will be fun to make it a yearly tradition. 

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